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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: pieleric
Tagging: aerodrome=international, regional, airstrip
Applies to: type
Definition: *
Rendered as: rendered by default
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2011-08-01
RFC start: ???


Like highways there are severals sizes of airports. Like in Highway (primary, secondary, tertiary) there should be made a differenc by size (airport = major, minor, landingfield) as on highways thers are different types of vehicles (highway = foot, bicycle, car motorcycle, or even horse), on airports there are airliners, (smaller) propeller planes, gliders, helicopters, and even rc model planes. Now every Airport / Airdrome /Landingfield is rendered the same way. I think it makes a difference, whether we have major Airports like Frankfurt International or some smaller glider landingfield.

taxonomy from aviation jargon.

The tag should be always be accompanied by the more generic tag aeroway=aerodrome.

  • aerodrome
Rendering Feature Feature Type Key/Value Pairs Comments Examples
GCR TRAN AEROM.png Node Physical
<tag k="aeroway" v="aerodrome"/>
<tag k="aerodrome" v="international"/>
International airport:
  • A major airport, which also has a role of a hub (where non-direct flights may land and passengers switch planes).
  • Equipped with customs and immigration facilities.
  • Many scheduled flights, with at least some to other countries.
  • Often has 3 or more runways, which can host even the very large commercial aircrafts.
  • Note that having the word "International" in the official name is not enough to be such a an airport

Wikipedia offers an seemingly exhaustive list of these airports:

Frankfurt or London Heathrow
  1. = regional (for smaller Airports) in Germany they are call Regionalflughafen (regional airports)
  2. = airfield (for smaller airports with no or few scheduled flights, mostly for general aviation, most aircraft are private planes and can host less than 10 passengers, rarely more than 2 runways, home of aero club. eg: Waterford Airport, Lamar Municipal Airport, Aérodrome de Royan-Médis)
  3. = airstrip (as the lowest class of a landing place, sometimes only bush pilots know where they are. Just one runway, no or almost no facility)

See taginfo [1]