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This table summarizes references and rules of thumb to classify the surface quality or evenness of a way more objectively with smoothness=*. These guidelines have been developed for streets and paths in urban areas in Central Europe, but can be applied anywhere.

excellent good intermediate bad very_bad
Surface paved and smooth paved with damage or unpaved,
rather rough
large damage
and very rough
without problems/ideal for
vehicle/tyre kind
roller blades, skate board racing bike city bike, wheelchair, stroller normal car, trekking bike mountain bike
rolling properties excellent very good average bad very bad
(for bicycle)
not affected not affected somewhat reduced clearly reduced very low
(for car)
not affected not affected somewhat reduced (50-90% of what it would be on a smooth road) clearly reduced (<50% of what it would be on a smooth road) very low (<20 km/h)
(for roller blades)
not affected somewhat reduced moderately reduced very low not useable
road damage
(esp. for asphalt)
none very little regularly much all over the place
vibrations none very little noticable all the time -
Asphalt - excellent.jpg
Asphalt - good.jpg
Asphalt - intermediate.jpg
Asphalt - bad.jpg
Asphalt - very bad.jpg
sett - -
Sett - intermediate.jpg
Sett - bad.jpg
Sett - very bad.jpg
paving_stones -
Paving stones - good.jpg
Paving stones - intermediate.jpg
concrete:plates -
Concrete plates - good.jpg
Concrete plates - intermediate.jpg
Concrete plates - bad.jpg
compacted - ?
Compacted - intermediate.jpg
Compacted - bad.jpg
gravel - - ?
Gravel - bad.jpg