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Deprecate man_made=bridge
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: RicoZ
Applies to: type
Definition: Prominent developers say this is too hard to implement correctly, obsolete definition
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2019-09-14

[[Category:Proposals with "Draft" status|Deprecate man_made=bridge]][[Category:Proposed features under way|Deprecate man_made=bridge]]

Deprecate man_made=bridge because openstreetmap-carto developers say this is too difficult to render as expected.


If this is too complicated to render then we should consider abandoning this as an unworkable definition and come up with something better.

Current rendering invites mappers to use all kinds questionable workarounds to bend rendering to their wishes.

Also, many people may innocently consider the definition of man_made=bridge as "good example" how to do things and we could end up with many more features designed similarly with the prospect that they would never realistically work.

The feature is very important but a faulty implementation may be causing more harm than good.