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Hi, my main focus currently is natural features and outdoor sports.

Also willing to help with internationalization issues, speak or more or less understand quite a few languages.

Geologgy, Geopgraphic landforms and vegetation landcover


layer cleanup


It was widespread to tag waterways with layer=-1 for their entire length. This is now discouraged, undefined and actually causes technical difficulties as well as making widespread errors harder to detect.

layer=* should be used exclusively in combination with tags like tunnel, bridge, covered or other values mentioned in the documentation and the segments tagged with layer should be preferably as short as possible.

In JOSM use following query to find waterways which are almost certainly tagged erroneously:

waterway=* layer=-1 -tunnel=* -culvert=yes -covered=yes -pipeline=yes -location=underground nodes:4-

To find segments which are likely missing a tunnel=yes:

waterway=* layer=-1 location=underground -tunnel=* -culvert=yes -covered=yes -pipeline=yes nodes:1-3

Highways, Railways

In JOSM use

(highway | railway=rail |waterway) -layer=0  layer=* -tunnel=* -bridge=* -culvert=yes -*=steps -*=elevator -covered=yes -indoor=yes

to find ways with missing tunnels, bridges or suspicious layer tags.

Legal combinations for layer tag

  • highway+bridge/tunnel
  • highway=steps
  • way+covered/building_passage

Drafts and proposed features where I am involved


wrote/shaped essential parts of this pages:

Hydroelectric works in the Adamelo-Brenta area

Currently trying to add hydroelectric water channels and tunnels of the Adamelo-Brenta area.


Walk_wire bridges in New Zealand

Most of these were imported from linz some time ago - , after consultation with I am retagging them. bridge=yes+bridge:structure=simple-suspension seems a good first approximation. sac_scale=* and/or highway=via_ferrata could be added to some of them.

A new walk-wire value for bridge:structure could be certainly added but with jsut a few hundred simple-suspension bridges so far it may be too early to decide what further categories may be needed.

Some of the bridges currently are missing a highway tag and there is also no trail mapped anywhere near them:

Contributing as

Template hacks


Test pages

Sources history

- I hate when information gets lost. Entries here are linked from various changeset comments.

hsb:Bamberg, hsb:Babin

According to information received from Anja Pohontsch of the "Sorbisches Institut", Bamberg is the most frequently Upper Sorbian name used, while Babin is an older name recorded in several dictionaries:

Various Issues in Trackers

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