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General concepts

  • probability/density maps (with gradients if possible)
  • overlapping areas with clearly defined semantics
  • minimizing multipolygon mess


Level model (overlapping areas mentioned above) allowing modeling of


Level model (overlapping areas mentioned above) allowing modeling of

Water and landcover

Level model (overlapping areas mentioned above) allowing modeling of

  • deepwater/shoal/tidal - mapping of reefs, rocks,ridges surfaces

Landforms and landscape features

Most landforms and landscape features are currently covered by natural=*, some under geological=* or elsewhere and mixed together with geological and vegetation features.

See also

  • FGDC


Any place can have multiple properties in parallel determined by geology, vegetation, ground surface appearance.


landcover=* - specifies visible ground appearance as seen by satelite

Values can be "vegetation","ground","bare_rock","shingles","water" etc. The value of landcover can be multivalued with percentages.

Landcover is overriden by vegetation or ground areas.

Vegetation and levels


Values can be from most general to most specialized:

  • yes
  • values common for natural/landuse vegetation related flags
  • multivalued, separated by ";", with percentages such as "forest:50;scrub:30;grass:10"


  • vegetation=* - dominant visible vegetation visible from above roughly similar to natural/landuse vegetation related values. Can be multivalued and values can have percentages such as "forest:50;scrub:30;grass:10"
  • vegetation:canopy=* - canopy level level



  • Reefs etc ???? Not really vegetation but might be covered in as similar manner

Indoor and man made terraces

Use prefix indoor, eg vegetation:indoor:wetland:canopy=*, together with appropriate tags from Simple Indoor Tagging and/or Simple 3D buildings.

Ground and geology

geology:bedrock=* - define an area where the bedrock is of the given type (no matter how deeply buried it is)