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Leaf type is applied only when characterizing Trees and Shrubs. A distinction is made between Broadleaved, Needleleaved and Aphyllous.

Broadleaved - This refers to trees and shrubs of the botanical group Angiospermae, with Gingko (Gingko biloba) as an exception, as it is broadleaved but taxonomically belongs to the Gymnospermae.

Needleleaved - This refers to trees and shrubs of the botanical group Gymnospermae (Ford-Robertson, 1971), carrying typical needle-shaped leaves.

Guideline Both evergreen conifers like pines (Pinus spp.), hemlock (Tsuga spp.) and firs (Abies spp.), etc., as well as deciduous conifers like the larch (Larix spp.), are included in A12. It is also applied to scale-like leaves, especially leaves of arbor vitae (Thuja occidentalis). Contrary to usual definitions, this category includes all plants with needle-like leaves, even though they are not conifers, such as some Australian acacias (e.g. Acacia asparagoides).

Aphyllous - This category includes plants without any leaves and plants that apparently do not have leaves in the common sense. In the first case, photosynthesis takes place through other organs, like stems, branches and twigs; in the latter case, the leaves are very short-lived or extremely reduced to scales and thorns.

The leaf phenology refers to the general behaviour of woody plants throughout the year. Two types have to be distinguished: Evergreen and Deciduous. A further distinction is made between Mixed and Semi-Deciduous or Semi-Evergreen. The leaf phenology of herbaceous plants is classified through the mixed category. A separation can be made between Perennial and Annual vegetation.

Evergreen - This term as such describes the phenology of perennial plants that are never entirely without green foliage (Ford-Robertson, 1971).

Guideline For this class to be applicable, there must be a whole layer that is more than 75 percent evergreen vegetation.

Deciduous - This applies to the phenology of perennial plants that are leafless for a certain period during the year (Ford-Robertson, 1971). The leaf shedding usually takes place simultaneously in connection with the unfavourable season (UNESCO, 1973).

Guideline For this class to be applicable, there must be a whole layer that is more than 75 percent deciduous vegetation.

The key wood=* is deprecated. Please consider to use the approved key leaf_type=broadleaved/needleleaved/mixed instead of wood=deciduous/coniferous/mixed. Please consider also updating the tagging of existing elements that you have mapped yourself.

Please consider to use the approved key leaf_type=broadleaved/needleleaved instead of type=broad_leaved/conifer. Please consider also updating the tagging of existing elements that you have mapped yourself.


Value Comment
Tropical areas
trees=banana_plants Wikipedia-16px.png banana plant
trees=cacao_plants Wikipedia-16px.png cacao plant
trees=coconut_palms Wikipedia-16px.png coconut tree
trees=coffea_plants Wikipedia-16px.png coffee plant
trees=durian_trees Wikipedia-16px.png durian tree
trees=guava_trees Wikipedia-16px.png guava tree
trees=mango_trees Wikipedia-16px.png mango tree
trees=papaya_trees Wikipedia-16px.png papaya tree
trees=pineapple_plants Wikipedia-16px.png pineapple plant
trees=rambutan_trees Wikipedia-16px.png rambutan tree
trees=sugar_cane As it is an annual culture, it must be in landuse=farmland
Subtropical areas
trees=avocado_trees Wikipedia-16px.png avocado tree
trees=custard_apple Wikipedia-16px.png custard apple
trees=date_palms Wikipedia-16px.png date palm
trees=lemon_trees Wikipedia-16px.png lemon tree
trees=lychee_trees Wikipedia-16px.png lychee tree
trees=macadamia_trees Wikipedia-16px.png macadamia tree
trees=mandarin_trees Wikipedia-16px.png mandarin tree
trees=olive_trees Wikipedia-16px.png olive tree
trees=orange_trees Wikipedia-16px.png orange tree Orange tree proposal.PNG
trees=pomegranate_trees Wikipedia-16px.png pomegranate tree
trees=tea_plants Wikipedia-16px.png tea plant
Temperate areas
trees=almond_trees Wikipedia-16px.png almond tree
trees=apple_trees Wikipedia-16px.png apple tree Apple trees.png
trees=apricot_trees Wikipedia-16px.png apricot tree
trees=bayberry Wikipedia-16px.png bayberry
trees=blackberry Wikipedia-16px.png blackberry
trees=blueberry Wikipedia-16px.png blueberry
trees=cherry_trees Wikipedia-16px.png cherry tree Cherry trees.png
trees=chestnut_trees Wikipedia-16px.png chestnut tree
trees=cranberry Wikipedia-16px.png cranberry
trees=ginkgo_trees Wikipedia-16px.png ginkgo tree
trees=governor's_plum Wikipedia-16px.png governor's_plum
trees=hazel_plants Wikipedia-16px.png hazel plant Hazelnut trees.png
trees=mulberrie_trees Wikipedia-16px.png mulberrie
trees=peach_trees Wikipedia-16px.png peach tree
trees=pear_trees Wikipedia-16px.png pear tree
trees=pecan_trees Wikipedia-16px.png pecan tree
trees=persimmon_trees Wikipedia-16px.png persimmon tree
trees=pistachio_trees Wikipedia-16px.png pistachio tree
trees=plum_trees Wikipedia-16px.png plum tree
trees=raspberry Wikipedia-16px.png raspberry
trees=sand_pear Wikipedia-16px.png nashi or sand pear
trees=walnut_trees Wikipedia-16px.png walnut tree