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Started in October 2007 and trying to map around a little... may need some time.

Please feel free to send me a message... especially if you are mapping in the above regions! (Answers may take some time as I am not online all the time)


  • Garmin USB mouse (GPS-35 LVS) and Garmin Quest
  • Got a Holux M-241 datalogger here. Will use it together with a w810i for track logging. Test results to be posted on this page...
  • Garmin 15 L (OEM module)
  • PNA: Transonic 4000


  • Mobile Trail Explorer works fine with it, trying out BT747 to modify some logging settings (change default logging frequency from 1/5s to 1/1s).
    17:09, 31 March 2008 (BST) Updated my M-241 to Firmware V1.11: logging frequency may now be set to 1 per second.
  • BT747 works fine for exporting traces from M-241 into GPX.
  • Use TrekBuddy together with Trekbuddy Atlas Creator for OSM on w810i biking
  • GoogleAk created maps/atlases also work fine
  • Tried NaviPOWM and Navit on the Transonic 4000. Both need some progress to replace the PNA completely.

Regions where I am active

work progress

  • Lonsee: Streets complete (including surrounding villages of Halzhausen, Urspring, Ettlenschieß, Luizhausen, Sinabronn)
  • Westerstetten: Streets nearly complete
  • Holzkirch & Breitingen: Streets nearly complete
  • Eningen: Streets nearly complete
  • Scharenstetten: streets complete
  • Amstetten (Württ.): first part..

Useful Links


Wiki interne Seiten


Lonsee (48.542577,9.888660, OSM map, g, mq, mm, wll, what?)