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Flag of Israel.svg This user hails from Israel
Hot logo.svg SafwatHalaby volunteers at Humanitarian OSM Team.
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JOSM SafwatHalaby submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.

Hello :)

I'm mainly writing automated scripts for Israel. I also do (in descending order) QA, regular mapping, HOT mapping, and Wiki edits. My primary OSM user is SafwatHalaby, but I also have no-longer used secondary accounts.

Feel free to contact me via an OSM private message or via this Wiki's talk page.


I operate automated bulk edit scripts in Israel, written in Javascript using the JOSM Scripting Plugin. Many thanks to Gubaer, who is maintaining the plugin and quickly fixing reported issues. The script are manually run through the JOSM interface. All scripts are explained in detail below. The scripts currently affect Israel and West Bank area C.

Script List



Source Code

Available at, licensed under GPLv3

Secondary accounts

  • I briefly uploaded QA-related changesets to SafwatHalaby_repair, and not to my main account. But I no longer do that.
  • I used to run scripts through the user SafwatHalaby_bot but now I use the main account.
  • Previously, my username was SwiftFast (Also SwiftFast_bot, SwiftFast_repair)