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GroundTruth rendering rules for hiking maps.

Use -param=Transparent:Y to create a transparent map.

groundtruth makemap -param=Transparent:Y --rules="" --osmfiles=output.osm

Rendering Rules


Option Value Comment
RulesVersion 1.1 Minimal version of GroundTruth needed to use these rules


Rule Name Selector Min Level Max Level Type Name Label Colors Width Border Width Pattern
SkiTrailClassic piste:type=nordic and

not (piste:grooming=skating or piste:grooming=backcountry)

22 Cross-country ski trail "nordic piste"

00000000 11111111

SkiTrailSkating piste:type=nordic and piste:grooming=skating 22 Cross-country ski trail for skating "freestyle piste"

00000000 11111100

SkiTrailBackcountry route=ski

or (piste:type=nordic and piste:grooming=backcountry)

23 Ungroomed cross-country ski trail "backcountry piste"

00000000 11100000

Trailblazed marked_trail=* or


22 Marked path "marked path"

1100 0000