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Traffic Live Maps

European Railways

Austria (ÖBB official):
Switzerland (SBB official):
Netherlands (complete public transport):
UK (Live track diagrams):
UK (only one station):
Ireland (Irish Rail official):
France (SNCF official):
France, Ireland, Finland and Denmark: (Working again)
Czech Railways (CD official):
Denmark (DSB official):
Norway (Jernbaneverket):
Finland Trains (VR official):
Hungary (MAV Trakcio):

Other Continents and Public Transport

Berlin / Brandenburg (VBB official):
Munich S-Bahn:
evb (Lower Saxony):
Erzgebirgsbahn (Saxony):
Copenhagen S-tog: (One of the first live maps, working since centuries :-)
Tokyo Trains:
Tokyo Trains 3D:
Indian Railways:
Metrans Freight Trains:


Transit Visualisation Client (TRAVIC): (Worldwide (!) One of the best sites.)
Public Transport Time Radius:

Websites not working anymore

Germany (DB official): (Shutdown in Oct 2018)
Germany: (Not working since start of DB Zugradar - August 2013)
Metronom (Lower Saxony):

Railway Maps

Maps With Railway Content

OpenRailwayMap: ("/canvas.php" for electrification layer)
AllRailMap: (fast electrification layer)
ITO World: (more hidden OSM railway data)
Combined Traffic: (terminals, combined traffic connections)
China: China rail network - High Speed / Fast / Conventional

Railway Content For Germany

DB Infrastrukturregister: pretty new version with OSM background and curvy lines
DB Stredax: old Version - not working in 2019
DB Livemaps Baustellen:
DB OpenData Inspire: ESRI ArcGis server
IRIS: blue departure table
finalrewind: precise departure table optimised for mobile

Other Essential Maps

Flightradar24: Live Air Traffic
Marine Traffic: Live Ship Traffic on the oceans and inland
Earth Air and Water Streams:
Electricity Map: (CO2 Footprint in colors - but french site - nuclear energy seems to be the cleanest)
Flood Map: World Areas which will be flooded depending on the sea level rise
Modal Split in European Cities:
Funklochkarte Mobile internet coverage in Germany for all 3 providers and 2G, 3G and 4G
Unfallkarte Accident map for German streets with exact accident position and types

Interesting and useful OSM Tools

Tile Access Log Viewer:
Node Density:
Tag History:
User Analysis: (The OSM Intelligence Agency)
Analyse of OSM-Route-Relations:
Mapnificent (Isochronous Maps for Public Transport based on GTFS data)

Classifying Public Transport Routes With Interval Tag

Have a look at the proposal: Proposed_features/Interval

The old term was "headway", but this is more the possible time distance for trains and other vehicles, so the proposal was changed to "interval" in May 2014.

PublicTransportHeadways RuralBus BraunschweigArea.png

One of my aims for a better OSM is the classification of public transport routes regarding their usability. Routes served with a short headway should be discovered easier, routes with only a few services a day or week should be rendered unimposing. This is a list with links to discussions in OSM about the service quality of public transport routes: Links zu Diskussionen in OSM über die Bedienungsqualität und Taktzeiten von ÖPNV-Linien:
The interval tag is an opportunity to classify the routes and give unambiguous information about the service quality.
Very often a route has several destinations or not all services end at the last stop of the line. For this case a segmentation of routes is necessary to define the intervals also for different parts of the line. With the method in the following proposal routes can be grouped for common segments as well: Das folgende Proposal schlägt eine Segmentierung von Linien vor, um verschiedene Bedienungsqualitäten im Linienverlauf oder Gruppen von vertakteten Linien abbilden zu können. Leider ist es eingeschlafen:

Tagged Public Transport Systems

The following table collects the cities where some ore more lines of the public transport system are tagged with headway or interval.

Date Event
Mar 2013 Headway-Tags for Amsterdam Metro, Berlin S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram, Bratislava Bus, Braunschweig VRB area, Melbourne Metro Trains, Orlando Bus, Wien S-Bahn/U-Bahn
Jun 2013 New Headway-Tags: Cottbus, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Trondheim
Jul 2013 New Headway-Tags for Halberstadt, Zwickau, Nordhausen, Stralsund, Stuttgart, DB Long Distance, Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Jan 2014 New Headway-Tags for Karlsruhe
Aug 2014 Changed to Interval-Tag for Braunschweig
New Interval-Tags for Koblenz, Suhl, Jena
Mar 2017 Found Interval-Tags with "interval=10min"
New interval-tags for Oslo T-bane, Trikk
Jul 2017 Interval Tags for Transperth
Mar 2018 Interval Tags for Marseille Stockholm Hamburg U/S-Bahn
Jan 2019 Interval Tags for Rostock Tram Bremen Tram

Create Your Own Maps

Rendering Rules for Maperitive

Here are some Rulesets for Maperitive for a visualization of the frequencies (headways) of public transport routes: Hier finden Sie einige Regeln zum Erstellen von Karten mit Maperitive, mit denen man sich die Taktzeiten (headways) von Linien des öffentlichen Nahverkehrs visualisieren kann:

Download Data

If you need to download the data of public transport lines for a larger area (in the German language area Traffic Association networks) to display it within Maperitive use the following instructions using Overpass API: Wenn Sie die zur Darstellung notwendigen Daten für einen größeren Bereich herunterladen wollen, nutzen Sie die Anleitung in den folgenden Links. In Deutschland sind meist alle Linien eines Verkehrsverbundes mit einem einheitlichen network-tag versehen:

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