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This is a suggested method for tagging networks of branches of an organisation, such as shops or other retail outlets.

Creating a preset

It is a good idea to create a preset with standardised a name=* tag and the most appropriate description (shop=*, amenity=*, building=*, operator=*, …). An example might be shop=supermarket name=Tesco. If it is put on line other people can use it as an external preset in JOSM or copied and pasted into editors.

Websites as a source

So as not to expose OpenStreetMap or anyone republishing data from the OSM database to copyright infringement you need to get permission from the website operator. (The default form letter needs to be polite because it is a point of introduction to OSM. Rather than intimidate with too much legalese, it should concentrate on asking businesses where listing contact details is ancillary to their business model to clear public domain reproduction.) Remember that any permission you get does not mean you can copy from third party sources such as Google Maps. If you have permission to copy from the website you can add addr=* and phone=* tags for the address and telephone number of each branch. If branches have their own page you can also add a url=* tag.

Reviewing existing tags

You should check whether anyone has already mapped a branch so that each branch is only recorded once. If it has already been tagged you should consider whether you can improve the tagging. Examples of improvements are if there are tags missing or if the original editor guessed the description, but remember that some branches may deserve different tags because they differ in character.