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Geo Berlin: Transit

Hi Darya. This event might be interesting to you:

PT_assistant Plugin

Hello Darya,

I recently started using yoru PT_assistant plugin, and I love it, but it has some quirks.

There are a few things I don't understand about your handling of stop_areas.

  • For example, I usually create one stop_area with e.g. two stop_positions and two platforms, one for each directions. I then get a warning "PT: Stop area relation has several stop positions".
  • Also, in a similar case where two bus stop poles are directly across each other, I have two platform nodes on one stop_position node. I get a warning "PT: Stop area relation has several platforms".
  • And when two routes share a platform the warning "PT: Stop position and its related platform(s) have different route relations"

What is the exact meaning of those warnings? IMHO, a public_transport=stop_area is 'not' just meant to have exactly one stop_position and one platform.

Thanks IIVQ for your feedback. I think I have been trying to map public transport even more precisely than the actual schema has defined. So you are absolutely right and I took the two warnings about multiple stop̜̜ positions and platforms out. And I also changed the test on route relations, to compare routes of all stop̟ positions and platforms together and warn only if there is a difference. Xamanu 12:39, 16 August 2016 (UTC)

Then there is another warning that I occasionally get for a line that runs along it's terminus stop, loops a loop trough a neighborhood then again stops at the terminus, I get the warning "PT: PRoblem in the route segment with one automatic fixcd", for example in relation

IIVQ (talk) 19:10, 14 August 2016 (UTC)


Thank you for your comments! The problem at the last stop was a bug (which occurred when the very last and the pre-last stops were on the same way), I hope it's fixed in the new version 32819 (the warning message does not show for the route you've specified). Thanks for reporting and please let me know if there are still problems.

Concerning the stop_area relations: these warning messages / tests were added by [User:xamanu|xamanu]. I'm not sure about the approach for stop_areas. I've contacted him, perhaps he'll join the discussion.