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OSM Forêt de Soignes / Zoniënwoud highways tagging guidelines (draft)

[deleted on 2021-08-26]


  1. See also:
  2. Refer to the tagging scheme of the Forêt de Fontainebleau, France.
  3. (path and not footway; IMHO footway is for urban areas; see: Footway: For designated footpaths, i.e. mainly/exclusively for pedestrians.)

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Foxandpotatoes 18:35, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

Mapping party timeline (Newbies Digest, Vol 31, Issue 32, message 3)

Here's a timeline based on what I learned from the first of the Atlanta, GA, USA mapping parties (prep work for SOTM '10). Warning: contains shameless plugs.

Week before the event:

 1. Use JOSM to compare the existing map data against the aerial imagery.
 2. If the imagery is high enough resolution, identify and tag as many
 landmarks as practical (buildings, parking lots, etc...)
 3. Divide the campus out into to whatever size chunks make sense to you
 and make sure there's at least 1 GPSr available per chunk.
 4. If possible, start assigning chunks to people as they sign up for the
 event. Try for groups of 2-4 mappers.
 5. Make sure you have access to a flatbed scanner.

Day before the event:

 1. Go to and print hard copy reference maps of
 each chunk at various zoom levels.  Make sure to leave some overlap between
 printouts. Mark each printout with whatever chunk it applies to.
 2. Install JOSM, GPSBabel, Yahoo Imagery fix for JOSM, etc... on each
 workstation that will be used after the walking portion of the event.
 3. Install whatever JOSM plugins you feel are appropriate. (walking
 papers, buildings tool, WMS, usertools, etc...)

Start of the event:

 1. Pass out pens, walking papers and GPSrs to each mapping group.
 2. Make sure each group knows how to use the Average function in the
 3. Have each group use the walking papers to sketch / write down their
 observations.  Whenever practical, shoot a waypoint next to anything
 interesting and mark the waypoint number on the walking papers (saves time
 trying to name the waypoint in the GPSr memory).  Alternatively, use
 netbooks with the LiveGPS and Surveyor plugins)

After finishing the groundwork portion of the event:

 1. Have one person collect and start scanning all of the walking papers.
 2. Have each group use GPSBabel to generate 2 GPX files from their
 1. File 1 should be only the waypoints without any tracks.  - Each mapper
    in each group will need a copy of this file.
    2. File 2 should be the tracks without any waypoints. - Upload this
    file to the OSM servers as a public trace.
    3. (NOTE: This was a workaround for a JOSM bug that kept waypoints
    from importing if the GPX file had tracks in it).
    3. Pass the paperwork back to each group.  Open the waypoints GPX in
 JOSM, and download the OSM data for the area.
 4. Use the walking-papers plugin to download the scanned paperwork as a
 rectified image in JOSM.  (Note: there's a bug in the walking-papers plugin
 that will freeze JOSM if you download the walking-papers imagery before the
 OSM data.)
 5. Start Mapping.

Hope this helps, DiverCTH (Chris)

Foxandpotatoes 13:20, 19 September 2009 (UTC)

Guide pour ajouter un radar sur OpenStreetMap

[deleted on 2022-04-06]

Fortifications tagging guidelines

[section deleted on 2022-04-06]