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Hi heinz, have you seen this ? --Naveenpf (talk) 13:22, 28 March 2017 (UTC)

Indian State-NH

I see that now you are working on updating the pages National Highways by Indian State that I have connected with the navbar. However, if I have connected them and categorized them for the WikiProject Indis, I've kept for now their existing names. Would you see a problem if I rename them less deceptively than "Bihar-NH" into "National Highways in Bihar" ?

  • first step rename them all, preserving redirecting links so that the navbar continues working;
  • then once they are all renamed, change the navbar parameters of "States in India" to reference the new name in all these page. As the title will be self descriptive, the section header at top of these pages below the navbar could be removed (as it would be the same as the page title itself).
  • then possibly (but optionally) ask for deletion the old names, after I check there remains no other references.

You will see redirects only temporarily while renaming all the pages and then edit them all to update their navbar; this should not take long to do. No change in categories will be needed.

Basically we prefer having descriptive page titles on this wiki ("Bihar-NH" is confusive, one can think "NH" is an alternate code of the state where it is actually "BR", as stated in the section title in the page; but not also that this is also explained by the leading header of the navbar itself).

Are there other missing pages that could use the new navbar by state I made and that would need categorization by state ?

Note: the navbar {{States of India}} can be used also on translated pages because it is autotranslatable, I've started translating it and included for each state the English and French names, and for a couple of states most names in the important languages of India. You may want to add more translations that are missing. I intended to add at least Hindi as it is the officail language of the country, at at least the official languages of each state, so that each state can have their own project page in their own local languages and display the list of states/territories in their own language (I made that to allow users to create local translations to Hindi and other states' languages (Urdu, Tail, Malayalam, ...).

You may have seen I have also added a section for languages used by state in the WikiProject India/Boundaries/States and Union territories page. This pages still contains red links in the navbar for states that still don't have their own page and I intended to create basic pages for them using the same navbar and the {{Place}} box. I've started it in several states (this allows then adding relevant links for subprojects pages by state. More generally this would consolidate the WikiProject India (because India is a very populated country and certainly requires splitting the tasks, while maintaining a compatible framework to develop them in parallel. Having translations available per state would allow more Indian users to contribute at least in their own local state (notably in Indian states that recognize Hindi officially and prefer it to English which is only used for communications with other states that don't want to support Hindi; basically the current project in English only favors only the southern states, and is a barrier for the north where Urdu, Hindi and Bengali/Assamese is predominating, including for the national capital !).

Verdy_p (talk) 12:48, 4 March 2018 (UTC)

Corrections you propose ː OK. Thanks for your work Heinz̜̠

NH353C and NH363 in India

Please have a look at following gazette notifications.

  • NH 363 name replaced as 353C, route from Akola to Atmakur in Telangana (Not A.P.), (including previous 363 route). Pg4 of [1]. Pg 4 bottom, S.O. 2234, NH147A is omitted. The route of 147A is replaced in NH51 substitution on same page.
  • NH 363 notification, route Indaram (18.847, 79.529) - Asifabad - Wankidi. [2]

Hope that helps. Jazze7