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This proposal discussion page is still an incomplete draft. Please don't add comments yet.

General notes

This proposal is generally based on Rudolph's landcover proposal. However I have changed the structure from general landcover values, with specific sub-types (eg: landcover=water and water=bay) with simply a landcover=* tag, that has both general and specific values.

Explanations for specific changes

General Landcover values

landcover=bryophytes New value. Sorry about the botanical term, but I know of nothing else that covers all of these plants without roots.
landcover=woodland Removed leaf_type=*, leaf-cycle=* and cover=* from being specific to woodland. These attributes are detailed in a separate section. Also removed managed=yes, as this has more to do with landuse=*.

Specific Landcover values

landcover=ocean New value. Exists mainly for completeness of the '100% of earths surface' idea for landcover. Would expect to be rarely used. As discussed in The Future of Areas the problems of creating and rendering very large areas like oceans are not yet resolved.
landcover=bay New value (for the proposal), deprecates natural=bay
landcover=gravel_beach New value
landcover=water_weed New value
landcover=mangrove New value
landcover=saltmarsh New value
landcover=tidalflat New value
landcover=bog Descriptions changed. I fail to see how moss genus, soil pH or the water source could usually be determined by a mapper, and therefore bogs and fens are distinguished by the vegetation above the mosses.
landcover=fen Description changed, to dominated by moss and grasses, sedges etc.
landcover=savanna Changed description to remove 'natural'.
landcover=grass New value
landcover=meadow Description changed to drop the assumed uses of hay or pasture.
landcover=lawn New value
landcover=turf New value
landcover=hardpan Changed description to remove salt and dry lakes, which have separate values.
landcover=dry_lake New value
landcover=salt New value
landcover=mud New value
landcover=gravel Changed description to exclude intertidal gravel beaches.
landcover=sub_surface Name and description changed, replacing landcover=extraction, which is a landuse.
landcover=cropland New value
landcover=plantation Description changed
landcover=orchard Description changed
shrubland=thicket New value
landcover=built_up Name and description changed, replacing landcover=urban.
landcover=mine_spoil New value
landcover=surface New value
landcover=natural This value has been dropped in favour of landcover=grass for grasslands where there are few if any shrubs or trees.
landcover=industrial This value has been dropped, it is a landuse.