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Wikiproject Marine

I have created a new project, WikiProject Marine to cover all marine related topics and moved one of your categories from Seamap to that category. I have also added you to a list of participants for the project. hope you are ok with that. PeterIto 07:24, 6 June 2012 (BST)


Hi, I noticed that you have been doing some documentation on the FreieTonne page, and hope you are one of the people representing that community. I have completed a documentation of the symbols in the INT 1 standard, and are in a project of making a JOSM tagging preset for these symbols, and thus would like to unify the tagging schemes between FreieTonne, OpenSeaMap and the marine-mapping proposals. If you could have a look at User:Skippern/INT-1 and give your inputs it would be much appriciated. Most of the information about how FreieTonne is using its tags is unreadable for me as I do not understand german, though I have looked at the FreieTonne JOSM preset which I find quite confusing. The tree standards are similar, but different, not compatible and extremely complex, and we need to unify them in order to make the best free nautical map. --Skippern 03:05, 1 September 2012 (BST)