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Modify Map Features

Hi Nigelbee, I see that you added some hints at the beginning of the wiki Map Features. Be aware that this page is independent of renderers. Your remarks about Mapnik and Osmarender are not in the right place. This page is for all renderers. I would prefere to see a more general comment like the existing:

  • There also may be many tags that will render on the OSM main map page that are not listed here. This list is not updated with all the tags implemented by the renderers.

If we start to write comments for each individual renderer, the first map feature will be listed after three pages down. Pieren 11:43, 23 December 2008 (UTC)

Symbol Rendering

I have set up a new page Symbol Rendering so that people can easily see the symbols tables.

I'm finding that only Osmarender tiles are regularly updated. However, I am finding that many symbols are missing from the generated tiles (Coffee cups, telephone boxes, museum symbols (unless they are set up differently from Mapnik ones)). I have also seen mini-roundabouts being generated when I didn't ask for them.

What I had in mind was a table listing all symbols and a column showing how it is rendered in Mapnik and another column showing how it is rendered in Osmarender.