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Absolute beginners

Concepts for beginners

By emacsen - A series of videos for the new OSM contributor covers general concepts from nodes to changests and rendering.

Tutorials or sets of tutorials by specific people

Series by Steve Coast
See the series
"OpenStreetMap introduction" by Steve Coast - 17:34 - Introduction to the website and related resources
Potlatch Introduction - An introduction to the online Flash-based editor, Potlatch1
How to remove duplicate nodes - Using the duplicate nodes map and editing in Potlatch
Keepright - Using Keepright to find bugs and fix them in Potlatch
GPSBabel - How to use GPSBabel on a Mac to get data off of your GPS and in to GPX. Some applicability to Windows users also as it's a similar interface.
JOSM basic introduction - A basic introduction to JOSM - the Java OpenStreetMap editor
Editing in JOSM - How to edit data in JOSM
Photos in JOSM - How to pull in photos of street signs etc into JOSM (now a bit out of date)
Russ Nelson on JOSM
Series of short JOSM tutorials by Russell Nelson:
Your first edit ever
Your second edit ever
Adding house numbers
Merging two ways into one
Merging two ways into one using keyboard shortcuts
Fixing an Interstate junction
Saving and reloading
Humanitarian mapping tutorials
(These often apply just as well to normal mapping)
Tutorial videos from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Humanitarian Mapping - Tracing Roads in Japan Using JOSM by User:Davespod
Pakistan flood mapping with Potlatch 1 - by CrisisCampSydney - Introductory videos showing Potlatch. Relates to Haiti disaster mapping. By User:Wonderchook
OSM Tutorial - Using the Keyboard to Save Presets in Potlatch by Margie Rosswell 00:55
How to Load a Haiti Basemap onto a Garmin GPS Receiver by Margie Rosswell 02:16
Todd Huffman
OpenStreetMap, from the Kabul Airport to Jalalabad - Quick real-world mapping example using Android apps for viewing and tracing.
Kevin Steinhardt
Basic tracing, from 7th Series - Using Potlatch and thoughtful explanation of tracing from 7th Series out-of-copyright maps (UK)
Loch Calium - Using JOSM to trace a Scottish loch from 7th Series
osm in less than 5 - series of basic tutorials for JOSM and Potlatch
Potlatch2 How to make a bridge
Potlatch2 How to map a baseball diamond

Blake Girardot

57 videos on different subjects using JOSM

JOSM video collection

Some videos online explaining how to edit


In Other languages

Other video tutorials have been created in other languages. See the language bar at the top

Recently there were some nice new tutorials created by skobbler in German for example.

New videos

See Video tutorial development for inspiration and coordination around creating video tutorials.

Feel free to link more tutorial videos from this page. Videos should be tagged 'osm' and 'openstreetmap' to maximise find-ability on YouTube/Vimeo.