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Czechia (the Czech Republic), Europe

latitude: 49.8203, longitude: 15.4784
boundary: 51684, label: 424313803
Browse map of Czechia 49°49′13.08″ N, 15°28′42.24″ E
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Czechia (the Czech Republic) is a country in Europe at latitude 49°49′13.08″ North, longitude 15°28′42.24″ East.


This article or section may contain out-of-date information: see rather the Czech version
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Bounding box: exact borders (12.09,51.06,18.87,48.55), rounded (12,51.1,19,48.5)

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to the Czech Republic (Česko): Bohemia (Čechy), Moravia (Morava) and Silesia (Slezsko).

There is more information available in Czech language here.


Ordered from most active to least active:

Czech Mapservers

  • - czech map portal for both mappers and users (several czech renders), operated by the Czech Local Chapter
  • OpenKýbl3DMap - isometric 3D map
  • MTB Mapa - mountain bike map, relief included, slope chart feature
  • - custom OSM overlay with hiking trails, with some additional government data overlays.


  • TMS Czechia overlays - base layer Mapnik with contours, hillshade and hiking tracks
    • currently 5 overlays, data from CUZK:RUIAN - plots of land, streets, buildings, address points and landuse
    • You can see it at
    • overlays:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
      where overlay is one of:
    • parcely - plots of land
    • ulice - streets
    • budovy - buildings
    • adresy - address points
    • landuse - landuse
    • allowed zoom for overlays is 12-20
    • example layer for JOSM (buildings):

Other mapservers showing the Czech Republic

Data, Export, GIS, Stats