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Faroe Islands, Denmark

latitude: 61.9, longitude: -7.0
Browse map of Faroe Islands 61°54′00.00″ N, 7°00′00.00″ W
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Faroe Islands
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Faroe Islands is a region in Denmark at latitude 61°54′00.00″ North, longitude 7°00′00.00″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to Faroe Islands.


If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done (and are maybe willing to get the ball rolling) then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress. And then get on with it :-)

  • Correct Positon of Mountain/peaks - a User has imported a lot of nodes from GNS and they are all extreemly unprecice, we have to correct them all.
  • Lakes/Vøtn - Vit mangla ein massar av vøtnun
  • Ferry rutes
  • Postal office (Done --LiFo 03:18, 19 December 2009 (UTC))
  • Post boxes (ongoing 88 of 115 done) i have found some boxes that are not in the list i got from the postal service


02/12-2009 2009 - 98,52% of ways Done
User LiFo has imported all HouseNumbers from Umhvørvis stovini( and by running a homemade program on the housenumbers and comparing housenodes to nearby way names the status is that 98.52 % of all roads are done we are only missing 24 ways in the Faroe islands, this is ofcource only an estimate and only official roads, we still miss a lot of walk ways and footpaths
Se Missing Ways for what to track next

Collaboration with official/private sources

There is some collaborating with official/private sources

We have contacted Posta the national postal service in Faroe Islands and they gave us permission to use there list of postal boxes that is available on there website, and they also gave us a list of all post offices with addresses and opening hours

Umhvørvisstovan is the Faroese National Survey and cadastre. They have given us permission to use all of the pdf's over recognized addresses, and the raw text files that include the geo information that are available on there website