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Tagging conventions for inhabited places

The details can be found in WikiProject Macedonia/Places.


The name tag should be used in the following way:

name=* with Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet [1]

int_name=* With transliteration of Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet [1] to Macedonian Latin Alphabet [2]

name:en=* English name with transcription using just letters from the English language

name:xx=* on some of the world languages where xx is a country code for the this language [3], for example name:de=Mazedonien for german language

For transliteration to Macedonian Latin Alphabet[2] or for transcription to English you can use this table

name int_name name:en
Ѓ, ѓ Ǵ, ģ (not Đ, đ like in Serbian or Croatian) Gj, gj
Ж, ж Ž, ž Zh, zh
Ѕ, ѕ Dz, dz Dz, dz
Љ Lj, lj или Ĺ, ĺ Lj, lj
Њ Nj, nj, или Ń, ń Nj, nj
Ќ, ќ Ḱ, ḱ (not Ć, ć like in Serbian or Croatian) Kj, kj
Ч, ч Č, č Ch, ch
Џ, џ Dž, dž Dj, dj
Ш, ш Š, š Sh, sh

When mapping, you should stick as much as possible to the 'reality on the ground' principle, i.e. as much as possible put the ground labeling (as observed) for a place in the name tag. This principle will help in resolving any dispute about possible naming issues.

For example of place tagging we will take the town of Krushevo:








More rules, details and examples can be found in Multilingual names.