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Macedonia, Europe

latitude: 41.6, longitude: 21.7
Browse map of Macedonia 41°36′00.00″ N, 21°42′00.00″ E
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Macedonia is a Country in Europe at latitude 41°36′00.00″ North, longitude 21°42′00.00″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to Macedonia.

Main Page

Main page on Macedonian language is on mk:Main Page. There you can find a guide for beginners, instructions for making maps, answers to frequently asked questions and other information on Macedonian language.

Recommendations for mapping

  • Do not use data from copyrighted maps or any other proprietary data ( eg Google Maps) due to problems with copyright . More details and answer on questions related to this problem can be found on Legal FAQ. Using data from the Macedonian sources is regulated by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights. [1].
  • See here for suggestions on how to mark town / village / neighborhood, but do not know how
  • See here for suggestions on how to mark roads in Macedonia.
  • Suggestions for mapping of the most frequently used objects used in Macedonia can be found here.
  • If you have some questions, you don't know how to do something or you have some suggestions you can check previous topics or you can open a new one on Macedonian forum

All suggestions for mapping are based on Good Practice, local legislative and laws specific for Republic of Macedonia. This rules or recommendations are not final and they are just attempt to make the basic core of rules that can later be debated. The main goal creating this rules was to make simple and easily accessible mapping rules, translated on Macedonian that will help the new mapper's to engage in the work done so far.

Macedonia is Macedonia

Following a number of serious incidents, the Macedonian mapping community has repeatedly made it clear that they wish to be called “Macedonia” (official name “Republic of Macedonia”), and not “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (as Greece and some international organisations currently go by). OpenStreetMap is not a battleground for the Macedonia naming dispute.


  • To increase the number of local users participating in mapping
  • To map the streets in all major towns and villages
  • To map the roads to all villages
  • To determine and approve rules for mapping of Macedonia

What is done until now

  • All settlements, big cities, towns and up to the smallest village are already on the map of Macedonia
  • Rough mapping of the territorial division of Macedonia is already finished up to the level of regions and municipalities - Mk:WikiProject_Macedonia/Administrative_Boundaries
  • In very large extent mapping and labeling with the new categorization of roads to all motorways, expressways, highways and regional roads is already completed - Mk:WikiProject_Macedonia/Road_network
  • Roads in Macedonia are connected with road network of neighboring countries
  • Several cities in Macedonia have very detailed maps of streets with names


Useful external links

Macedonian Forum

People mapping in Macedonia can add their user page to Category:Users in Macedonia.


Kaart Mapping

Kaart conducts ground surveys for improvements to OSM data. A list of editors can be found on the Kaart wiki page. Collected imagery can be found on Mapillary.

Tracks driven during Kaart's January 2019 ground survey in Skopje, Macedonia.

Skopje (January, 2019)

  • Ground Focus - visual collection of street names and verification of oneway streets
  • Post Processing - checked street name consistency, added turn restrictions, added pedestrian crossings, added surface types to roads, included road lanes, and added additional and missing geometry.
    • The ground survey of Skopje was conducted by Kaart Team members Kiana and Leanne.


    1. "Law on Copyright and Related Rights", Official Gazette 23/2005, page.1