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This page tracks the progress of waterway mapping in Africa.

Basins/watersheds in Africa

Major river basins

These are the major ones:

Endorheic basin

see Wikipedia: Endorheic riverbasins in Africa for details.

Rivers and lakes without connection to the oceans:

here is a complete Wikipedia List

Basins mapping



The Nile (Arabic: النيل‎, transliteration: an-nīl, Ancient Egyptian iteru or Ḥ'pī, Coptic piaro or phiaro) is a major north-flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world.[1] (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Major source of the Nile's water is the White Nile and the Blue Nile.

Overview: Wikimedia picture

Main Nile

Relation: 50793 (i J)

White Nile

Relation: 50790 (i J)

Blue Nile

Relation: 1657491 (i J)




Here's a list of already mapped waterways: mapped waterways of Africa provided by user:werner2101 and updated about once a month.