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This page tracks the progress of waterway mapping in South America.

Basins/watersheds in South America

Major river basins

These are the major ones:

Endorheic basin

see Endorheic riverbasins in South America for details.

Rivers and lakes without connection to the oceans:

  • TBD

Basins mapping


Basin picture from wikipedia

Orinoco, Gulf of Paria, Caribbean Sea, Esequibo

Countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil

  • This list is a work in progress, many rivers are still to be added to the list. PR
Basin Level Name Destination Way completion Riverbank


Main Way (at destination river) Main Relationship Notes Status
Caribbean Sea 1 Río Tuy Caribbean Sea 100%
2 Río Guaire Río Tuy incomplete
Golfo de Paria 1 Río Caño Manamo Mar Atlántico?
1 Río Guanipa Mar Atlántico?
2 Río Amana Río Guanipa
1 Río San Juan Mar Atlántico? Review if destination is Ocean or how it cointinues
2 Río Guarapiche Río San Juan
Orinoco 1 Río Orinoco Mar Atlántico 100% 100% Complete
2 Río Aro Río Orinoco
2 Río Caura Río Orinoco
2 Río Caroní Río Orinoco 100% 80% Relación: ‪Caroni River‬ (‪1084187‬) | OpenStreetMap Río Kukenán added to relation Río Caroní as it is the same river but with one part being named differently, according to Wikipedia.
3 Río Paragua Río Orinoco 100% incomplete
4 Río Aza Río Paragua
4 Río Karway Río Caroní in process pending
3 Río Carrao Río Caroní 90% advanced
4 Río Churun Río Carrao 100% advanced Check name in spanish if Churún or Churun
3 (por identificar) Río Caroní 100% incomplete
3 Río Ikabarú (Uaiparú?)--> Caroní Name doesn't match with Uaiparú
4 (name missing) Río Ikabarú incomplete
3 Río Uaiparú Río Caroní Vía: ‪Río Uaiparú‬ (‪42218195‬) | OpenStreetMap Name doesn't match with Ikabarú
2 Río Cinaruco Río Orinoco
2 Río Cuchivero Río Orinoco incomplete Update Names
Río Yuruaní o Río Yuruarí Río Cuyuní Location is probably incorrect, confused with other river.
Río Cuyuní Río Esequibo / Río Río Mazaruní
Río Yuruán
Esequibo 1 Río Esequibo
2 Río Mazaruni Río Esequibo

De La Plata

(including Parana and Uruguay River) Basin picture from wikipedia


Here's a list of already mapped waterways: mapped waterways of South America provided by user:werner2101 and updated about once a month.