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JOSM Werner2101 submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
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Mapping Area

Mapping Tools

  • GPS: Garmin eTrex H
  • Camera: CASIO Exilim
  • MP3-player: Samsung YP-U1

Mapping technics:

  • walking: photo mapping
  • cycling: photo and audio mapping
  • by car: audio mapping

Editing Tools

JOSM with some Pluggins


I've written some tools to analyse osm data.

python scripts to check relations and do some statistics:

  • Here are some results of the checks: [1], you can find most of the source code at [2]

I've put some generally useful tools to github: [3]

  • to export relations to gpx tracks
  • to download older versions of osm-objects
  • to parse multipolygons and do is-in-polygon checks

This repository contains a some other basic tools to work with osm data.

special OSM topics


From time to time I cleanup/improve the relations in OSM.

waterways and river systems

I've written the proposal of relation:waterway tagging. Currently I'm working on improving the mapping of rivers.

Wiki Tests


Taginfo with statistic pictogram

highway=* Statistic pictogramm.png

Taginfo Statistic pictogramm.png