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XMPP (also known as Jabber) is the Internet Standard for instant messaging.

  • Supports modern chat features in a standardized and interoperable way (unlike IRC)
    • Multi-device support, offline messages, multi-line messages, message styling, end-to-end encryption, message correction, message deletion, read markers and receipts, typing notifications...
    • Bookmark and contact synchronization, avatars, file transfer, image previews, stickers, message reactions, audio and video calls...
  • Federated, rather than centralized (unlike Telegram, Discord, Signal, Slack, ...)
  • Diverse ecosystem of FOSS clients and servers (unlike Discord, Slack, ...)
  • Easy and lightweight to self-host (unlike Matrix)
  • Immune to enshittification - governed by a privacy-conscious community (the XSF, analogous to the OSMF) rather than a company
  • Bridges to other chat protocols:
  1. Biboumi: IRC
  2. Bifrost: Matrix
  3. Slidge: Discord, Facebook Messenger, Matrix, Mattermost, Signal, Skype, Steam Chat, Telegram, WhatsApp
  4. Matterbridge: Discord, Gitter, Harmony, IRC, Keybase, Matrix, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Mumble, Nextcloud Talk, Rocket.chat, Slack, Ssh-chat, Telegram, Twitch, VK, WhatsApp, Zulip, Delta Chat, Discourse, Facebook messenger, Minecraft, Reddit, Counter-Strike, MatterAMXX, Vintage Story, Ultima Online Emulator, Teamspeak

Getting started

The easiest way to join the XMPP network is to install Quicksy on your Android phone. It uses your phone number for registration, contact discovery, and password recovery. The Quicksy account works like any XMPP account and can be used from any other client.

We recommend Quicksy to the majority of people who would be turned off by having to select a server or using a password manager, and who don't mind using their phone numbers to register.

If that's not you, you need to select a server, make an account, and install a client.

Select a server

The website joinjabber.org contains a useful step-by-step guide to create an XMPP account. Alternatively, https://providers.xmpp.net/ or https://compliance.conversations.im/old/ also provide some public server recommendations for account creation.

If you're interested in self-hosting a private server, Snikket aims to make it really simple.

Install a client

We recommend -

  1. Cheogram or Monocles Chat for modern Android devices
  2. Yaxim for old/low-end Android devices
  3. Monal or Siskin for iOS
  4. Gajim on the desktop
  5. Converse.JS or Movim for the web

More clients can be found at https://xmpp.org/software/

OpenStreetMap rooms on XMPP

Chat Country Region Remarks
openstreetmap@conference.macaw.me Worldwide
openstreetmap-de@rooms.dismail.de German-language room
openstreetmap@salas.suchat.org Spanish-language room
mapeo_libre@chat.disroot.org Spanish-language room
osm-fr@chat.jabberfr.org France French-language room
osm-bb@rooms.dismail.de Germany Berlin Brandenburg
osm-hh@conference.jabber.de Germany Nord-Deutschland Hamburg
osm@conference.movim.eu Hungary Budapest Hungarian-language room. Planning mapping parties, online conferences, sharing hiking tips, interesting observations, ideas for promotion. Voicing is done manually after a few hours, please be patient. Bridged to [1] on Matrix
osm-jeloles@conference.movim.eu Hungary Hungarian-language room. Coming up with new tags or applying existing ones, micromapping. Voicing is done manually after a few hours, please be patient. Bridged to [2] on Matrix
osm-in@conference.a3.pm India
osm-delhi@conference.jabbers.one India Delhi
osmbengal@conference.conversations.im India West Bengal

You can use https://search.jabber.network/ to find more rooms.

Joining IRC channels

You can join IRC channels by joining #<channel>%<IRC server>@<Biboumi server e.g. #osm%irc.oftc.net@irc.jabberfr.org

In addition to irc.jabberfr.org, https://hmm.st/ is another public Biboumi instance.