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The followings are tagging conventions for Hong Kong.

通用命名常規 Universal naming conventions

中英對照 Bilingualism


Names of features should be bilingual, in Traditional Chinese (Simplified Chinese not accepted) and English, except where an official Chinese / English name does not exist.

  • name=香港科技大學 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • name:en=The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • name:zh=香港科技大學


When making amendment on-the-go, you may provide one identifiable name first, or take a photo for that place. You can supply the detail of it later at somewhere more convenient.

簡寫用法 Uses of abbreviations


In most cases, full form should be used in place of abbreviations in tagging names, except under the following circumstances where abbreviated forms could be used:

  • 用於學校、教會等的辦學團體及宗教團體名稱 Names of sponsoring / religious bodies in school / church names
    • 「聖公會青山聖彼得堂 SKH St. Peter's Church (Castle Peak)」 > 「聖公會青山聖彼得堂 Sheng Kung Hui St. Peter's Church (Castle Peak)」
    • 「博愛醫院歷屆總理聯誼會梁省德中學 AD&FDPOHL Leung Sing Tak College」 > 「博愛醫院歷屆總理聯誼會梁省德中學 Association of Directors and Former Directors of Pok Oi Hospital Limited Leung Sing Tak College」
    • 「東華三院黃笏南中學 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College」 > 「東華三院黃笏南中學 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Fut Nam College」

街道 Streets

主條目:Hong Kong/Transport/Road

地區 Place

a question mark



Based on the suggested rule, Map what's on the ground, the place names in OpenStreetMap must be the names in current usage. Disappeared names (e.g. Kwun Chung, East Point) please place them in OpenHistoricalMap.

地名種類 Name categories

  • place=city 城市,全香港特別行政區內只可將香港及九龍視作為城市。 City, only Hong Kong and Kowloon can be considered cities within HKSAR.
  • place=town 市鎮,例如香港仔、荃灣、屯門、大埔、東涌等。 Town, for example, Aberdeen, Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Tung Chung, etc.
  • place=suburb 市區內的部分,例如旺角、大圍等。 Section within an urban area, for example, Mong Kok, Tai Wai, etc.
  • place=neighbourhood 市區內有自己名稱的地方,但其廣泛性不如place=suburb,或大片鄉郊地方的部分,例如渡船角、老龍坑。 A named place within an urban area, but not as widespread as place=suburb, or part of widespread rural settlement, for example, Ferry Point, Lo Lung Hang。
  • place=village 完整的鄉村,有自己的鄉村設施(例如村公所)。 A complete village, with its own facilities.
  • place=hamlet 簡陋的村落,沒有自己的設施。 Rural settlement without the infrastructure of a village.
  • place=locality 帶有名字的非民居地方。 A non-settlement place with place name.

地區標籤範例 Place Tagging Example

例子:半山區 Example: Mid-levels

鐵路 Railway

車站 Stations

盡可能用area方式勾勒車站建築(或地底建物)輪廓: Draw the shape of the station building (or underground structure of station) in the form of an "area":

例子:上環站 Example: Sheung Wan Station