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這個頁面內容或段落可能包含過時的資訊This page is as of year 2013 and much has changed in iD since then. Please help to translate!
如果你知道更新的資訊,請協助更新內容使得大家都能獲得正確的資訊。 (Discussion)




This list of iD’s shortcuts and their functions is made by observation and trying out. This is not an iD documentation which is made or supported by iD’s developers. ID’s own, official documentation is inside of iD itself.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

iD needs to have the focus to be able to catch a key press. If you clicked on the browser/webpage outside of iD before, then iD will not have the focus. Click somewhere inside iD to focus (preferably an inactive area, e.g. the button bar on top) and then press the desired key.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

Shortcuts in iD are language dependent (for example Vietnamese has different ones)!幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

On macOS, use Cmd and Opt, instead of Ctrl and Alt.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

Changing the display幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

  • F11 (Linux, Windows), Ctrl+ Cmd+F (Mac) – set your browser to full screen mode for more space (this less known generic browser shortcut varies by browser)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • , , , (方向鍵) – 移動地圖。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl + , , , (cursor keys)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!pan map one screenful at a time幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • + – (數字鍵盤上) – 放大; (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)! Ctrl++zoom in a lot幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • – (數字鍵盤上) – 縮小; (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)! Ctrl+zoom out a lot幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Lzoom to my location幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • B – 顯示背景圖層的切換顯示器。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Itoggle validation issues pane幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ptoggle user preferences pane幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • `toggle sidebar幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Alt+Wtoggle OpenStreetMap data幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ghighlight unsaved edits幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+Bswitch between previous and current backgrounds幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Udisplay map data options幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Wtoggle wireframe mode幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Hshow in-editor help/documentation幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • ?show keyboard shortcuts幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • /toggle minimap幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • 空格键toggle radial menu幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

Selecting the editing mode when clicking on map (click *right* button on mouse)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

  • 1 – 轉換到「添加點」模式。
  • 2 – 轉換到「添加線」模式。
  • 3 – 轉換到「添加區域」模式。
  • Nswitch to “add note” mode幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Acontinue drawing a line at the selected node幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
    • If multiple lines can be continued at the node, first select both a line and its end node first using Shift+click幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Enter, Esc – 停止線的繪製。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

Selecting objects幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

  • Shift+滑鼠點擊 – 選擇多個物件。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Shift+滑鼠點擊+drag幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!select all nodes within a bounding box (rectangular selection)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+C – 結合兩條線(需要將兩條線都先點選起來並有兩線共點的情況下才有效)。
  • [, Page Upjump to previous vertex幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • ], Page Downjump to next vertex幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+[, Homejump to first vertex幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+], Endjump to last vertex幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • \, ↨ Pause (PC), F15 (Mac) – if a node at a line intersection is selected: Cycle through parent ways (currently selected parent is highlighted in light red). Currently only useful for vertex navigation: “turning” at intersections幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+Ffind features matching search text幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Menutoggle edit menu幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Zzoom to selected features幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

Modifying objects幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

  • Ctrl+Vpaste a previously copied object; click to position the pasted object under the mouse cursor幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+ Del, Ctrl+ Backspace – 刪除選擇的物件。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Alt + 滑鼠點擊place node without connecting (“snapping”) to existing object (line and area draw mode)
    For Firefox use full screen mode (see below) in order to avoid nasty interference with toggling of Firefox menu by Alt.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ccombines the selected objects (see selection of multiple objects for how to select). Their details (tags) will be combined too – values of tags with the same key but different values will be silently concatenated into a “;”-separated list, which may make no sense and require manual correction幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
    Exact function depends on the type of the selected objects:幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
    • A selection of several connected lines (each connection is represented by a shared node) → will be combined into one line. Line directions are silently inverted if needed (even in case of oneway-tagged lines). All lines’ tags will be moved to the combined line.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
    • A selection of an unconnected node and a line → the node’s tags will be copied to the line and the node will be deleted.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
    • A selection of two unconnected, closed lines (areas) → a new relation (type = multipolygon) will be created and (depending on the spatial arrangement):幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
      if a selected area is enclosed inside another selected area, then it will get the relation role “inner” and keep its tags;幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
      ... else (that is: a selected area is not enclosed inside another selected area) it will get the relation role “outer” and its tags will be moved to the new relation.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • D – 如果選擇了一條線中的某節點,此鍵可使此線從節點上斷開這條線,使節點被複製成兩個。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Eextract a point from a feature幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • M – 編輯器視窗最大化(全瀏覽器模式),你可以將瀏覽器設置成全螢幕以得到更大的編輯空間(通常是按F11鍵),附上(程式錯誤狀況)(選取物件後)移動物件。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • O – 將節點排成環狀(僅有線可以使用?)。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • R – 旋轉物件。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Q – 使線的轉角排成直角(選取封閉道路後)。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • S – 使線的轉角排成直角(選取封閉道路後)。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Treflect the selected object across its long axis幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • V – (選取線後)反轉路線方向。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • X – (選取線上的節點後)分割線。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Yreflect the selected object across its short axis幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • 空格键add a node (in “add line” or “add area” mode). Hold down while moving the cursor to draw a freeform line or area based on the path of the cursor.幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Shift + , , , nudge selected features幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+ Shift + , , , nudge selected features by a lot幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

Undoing or saving changes幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!

  • Ctrl+Z – 還原到上個動作。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+ Shift+Z, Ctrl+Y(Windows) – (或許微軟系統可行) – 重做上個未還原的動作。 (Please update this translation.)幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+S – ひとつ前に取消した操作をやり直す。

  • Ctrl+Itoggle info/measurements box幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+ Shift+Btoggle background imagery pane幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+ Shift+H – 顯示所選對象的歷史記錄。
  • Ctrl+ Shift+Ltoggle location panel幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!
  • Ctrl+ Shift+Mtoggle measurement panel幫忙將此翻譯成中文(繁體)!