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Community Update From 16 August 2010 to 22 August 2010

Image Of the Week


Distribution of natural=tree nodes in Szczecin obtained from the city's cadastre bureau. (Project of the week/2010/Aug 01 is to add more)

Project of The Week

Live mapping russian fires!.

General news

  • Retirement of announced

Mailing Lists Talks

How to tag a farmer market

Farmer market is a place farmers sell their own products. Some are intermittent and some are permanent. For this, 2 propositions were made :

  • amenity=marketplace
  • shop=farm ( a recent compromise on that appears in Germany )

Proposition of new tagging for power generator

Some people find that the actual tagging scheme for power is not powerful enough. It can't, for example, handle well co/tri-generation centres.

So they proposed a set of tag changes in : Proposed_features/generator_rationalisation that would add several tags and deprecate power_source=* and power_rating=*.

Tagging a Dance school

The question went out and an bunch of different options where proposed.

First, the amenity=school with school=dance ...
or amenity=training with training=dance
or the previously Proposed : Proposed_features/Dancing_school

Trace visualisations

Cory Lueninghoener presented his tool to make visualisation of gpx traces like these:

The tool is available here :

How to add a Marker on the map

The question was asked how to add a marker somewhere on the map.

A part of the response can be found on Browsing#Adding a Marker or this question.

You can also use the static project to generate an image of the map (with or without a marker) on

Rental proposition

A need for a new rental scheme is coming. After the proposing of a new tag Proposed features/rental, some propose other alternatives like shop=rental in addition to rental=* or shop=bicycle with rental:bicycle=true

Pre-disaster imagery of Pakistan Floods now available from SPOT

A Member of the HOT team has received a positive response about using SPOT Pre-disaster imagery of Pakistan in openstreetmap. For details see the Humanitarian OSM Team page and a post on the blog

A vast cleanup of Proposed features

user:!i! Proposed a vast cleanup of the Proposed features page, to remove dead proposals, classify others ,...

Since other seems to agree, you can join the effort in the Talk:Proposed features#Cleanup Request

OSM Foundation Officers

The results of the elections were published some time ago and now the new officers are announced :

  • Emilie Laffray is the new treasurer of OSMF
  • Simone Cortesi is the new secretary of OSMF
  • Steve Coast is the chairman of OSMF