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800px-HFX Airport 4.jpg
This key is used to mark airports and all that goes with it.
Group: Aeroway
Used on these elements
may be used on nodes
may be used on ways
may be used on areas
use on relations unspecified
Documented values: 42
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Status: Unspecified

This page contains details on the aeroway key and related tags. For an overview of airports and aviation in OSM see Aeroways.


See also: Aeroways

The aeroway key is used to tag physical infrastructure used to support aircraft and air travel, in particular the elements associated with airports and heliports etc. For further details on how to create aeroway features and how they are presented, see Aeroways.


Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
aeroway aerodrome Node Area An Aerodrome (UK), Airport (US)
Flemingfield looking north.JPG
aeroway apron Area A place where planes are parked. Osmarender apron.png
800px-HFX Airport 4.jpg
aeroway gate Node Used to mark the gate numbers at the airports.
Edinburgh Airport gate lounge.jpg
aeroway helipad Node Area Helicopter start/landing pad
Altena - Lenneuferstraße 17 ies.jpg
aeroway hangar Node Area Large airport buildings for housing aircraft
Aircraft hangar.jpg
aeroway runway Way Area A strip of land kept clear and set aside for aeroplanes to take off from and land on. (Other languages) Rendering-aeroway runway.png
aeroway taxiway Way Where airplanes manouevre between runways and parking areas. Rendering-aeroway taxiway.png Planes in Chicago - 24.JPG
aeroway terminal Node Area Airport passenger building
Flughafen Frankfurt am Main - Gate A - Check-In 0212.jpg
aeroway windsock Node Used to mark the position of a windsock. Větrný rukáv, Černé Voděrady.jpg
aeroway User defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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Tags and values by category

A list of aeroway-related tags and values. Refers to aeroway=* unless otherwise noted.
Category Tags
Airports aerodrome
Manoeuvring Area helipad, runway, taxiway, holding_position
Apron apron, parking_position, gate, hangar
Terminal terminal, gate, various shop=* and amenity=* objects
Facilities windsock, papi, vasi, navigationaid
Related attributes icao=*, iata=*, military=airfield
Common attributes surface=*, width=*, ele=*

See also: Aviation