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The Wochenaufgabe is the Weekly Task of the German OSM Blog (Catergory:Wochenaufgabe).

Every 1-2 weeks they present a new task to encourage users to map in the following days. Everybody can suggest these tasks (blog@openstreetmap.de). Usually they are small POIs like a charging station or certain type of vending machine.

ATMs (2014-07-14 – 2014-07-28)

Früher Bankautomat von Nixdorf retouched.jpg

An automated teller machine (ATM), or automatic banking machine (ABM), or "cash machine", is a computerised telecommunications device that provides the clients of a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a cashier, human clerk or bank teller.

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More informationen see Wochenaufgabe blog post (de)

Charging Stations (2014-06-30 – 2014-07-14)

EV Charging Station sign NC zoom in.jpg

Charging stations supply energy for electric vehicles, like gas stations do for conventional vehicles.

More informationen see Wochenaufgabe blog post (de)

Bicycle Tube Vending Machines (2014-06-16 – 2014-06-30)

Jt osm schlauch-o-mat-schwalbe.jpg

A vending machine where you can buy inner tubes for bicycles.

More informationen see Wochenaufgabe blog post (de)

Water level monitoring stations (2014-06-02 – 2014-06-08)

Ilmpegel Ilmenau.JPG

Used to indicate water levels in rivers, streams, lakes and other non-tidal areas, often to determine upstream flood levels during heavy rains.

More informationen see Wochenaufgabe blog post (de)