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Aarhus, Denmark

latitude: 56.15, longitude: 10.22
Browse map of Aarhus 56°09′00.00″ N, 10°13′12.00″ E
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Aarhus is a city in Denmark at latitude 56°09′00.00″ North, longitude 10°13′12.00″ East.

Next Meeting in Aarhus

No new meeting is scheduled.

Status for mapping in Aarhus

Please write your name on Århus status siden and state your progress.

Referater - minutes

The first OSM meeting in Aarhus, held April 1st 2009, brought a great exchange of tips, hints, questions and answers.

We discussed different tools for editing and validating map data.

The tools mentioned for editing are JOSM, Potlatch and Merkaartor. www.itoworld.com gives a number of different statistics about the contributors in an area. tools.geofabrik.de can be used to compare different maps, e.g. OpenStreetMap against Google map. Also, it can find errors in tagging, addressing etc. KOSMOS will generate maps from the OSM data, and NavIT and Roadmap are routing software under development. Run.GPS uses OSM map tiles to show exercise routes.

We discussed reduction of housenumbers. In Denmark, all addresses as per year 2002, are uploaded. We agreed that these housenumbers should not be reduced to interpolation lines, and the house indicators should be left at their places, instead of moving them near to the road where they belong. It's up to the utilizing software to find the right road.

We discussed how we could indicate the progress of mapping. We could make a list of completed zip codes, but this would be too rough. Instead, we will try to start a list with sub-divided zip code areas, and mark the progress like they do in Germany. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Darmstadt.

We agreed to meet again in the beginning of June. We'll meet at the same place again, since the use of a projector overrides the absense of beer :-).

Attendance list:


The second OSM meeting in Aarhus was held at June 3, 2009.

At the meeting were 3 active mappers (HansGK, Freek and E_Klausen) and 3 others <<please feel free to put your names here>> who wanted to see if this mapping thing really could be fun. I hope we got them hooked, and we encourage them to use the direct-mailing facilities and the Google groups (both danish and international) heavily.

Status reporting in the wiki
Erik had made a subdivision of the Århus area, and a table for marking the mapping status of each sub-area. Freek will make a map illustrating the subdivision. The intention is that a OSM mapper should be able to overview a subdivision, and make sure that the area is properly mapped.

Map Party: Erik will set up a poll in Doodle to find a date in September for a map party. We aim at Tranbjerg.

OpenCycleMap: Has been suggested as a focus area for Denmark generally. We'll all make a note of that.


A meeting was held in Aarhus on Wednesday March 30, 2011 at 19:00.

Meeting place: Møllegade 9, Aarhus

Listed attendees:

OSM meetings in Aarhus

Minutes from OSM meetings in Aarhus are here.


A short list of things that need verification and/or discussion.

  • The "ref" for Randersvej between the ringroads is inconsistent (O1 / 180?).
    • Done, but other refs still have to be fixed.
  • The radial and ringroads seem to arbitrarily switch between primary/secondary/tertiary.
    • Changed, but still under discussion, previous point needs to be fixed first though.
  • The parking lots on the university grounds need better tagging.
  • Randersvej/Søftenvej intersection and other primary/secondary roads: bicycle=no?
    • Done.
  • Some buildings/areas around Aarhus have very long names. They might be splittable into different tags, but some discussion would be good.
  • There are a number of places around Århus that have between 7 and 10 thousand inhabitants, but they seem not to be tagged consistently (some as villages, some as towns). Based on the standard criteria they should be villages, but there are probably good reasons to upgrade some or all of them to towns.

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