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Hong Kong, China

latitude: 22.381, longitude: 114.137
Browse map of Hong Kong 22°22′51.60″ N, 114°08′13.20″ E
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is a special administrative region in China at latitude 22°22′51.60″ North, longitude 114°08′13.20″ East.

此頁面講述有關OpenStreetMap香港地圖繪製的資訊。 This page contains information regarding the mapping and production of OpenStreetMap in the HKSAR.

  • :香港雖作為中華人民共和國的特別行政區,惟因其政策與內地甚為不同,故分開兩個不同的Mapping project處理兩地的繪圖。
  • Note Although Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, the policies regarding naming of streets, places, etc differs a lot. Thus, an independent mapping project is set up for mapping in Hong Kong.

此頁尚在更新中。 This page is under construction.

簡介 Description


Hong Kong is one of the 2 SARs in China. The Government Headquarters is located in Central. More details can be found on [2].

關於本專題 About this mapping project

本專題乃由User:AdeKaka'(KX675)於2009年創立,旨在改善香港境內OpenStreetMap的質素。 This mapping project was started in 2009 by User:AdeKaka' (KX675) to improve the quality of OSM mapping in the territory.

子專題 Sub-projects

命名規則 Naming conventions

待翻譯頁面 Translating

現時覆蓋率 Current coverage

請勿將Bing圖像用作重新對齊對象的主要來源,因為它經常被嚴重扭曲。 如果Strava,Esri,DigitalGlobe和Mapbox不夠,只能使用它進行重新調整。 Please do not use Bing imagery as a primary source for realigning objects, as it is often severely distorted. Only use it for realignment if Strava, Esri, DigitalGlobe and Mapbox are not sufficient.

詳細資料請自行瀏覽地圖。 Please refer to the map for more information.

待改善區域 Area needing improvement

  • Tai Long Wan Village
  • Ma Wan Main Street Village, Ma Wan Fisherman's Village
  • Houses along Clear Water Bay Way and Hiram's Highway
  • Kam Tin, Shap Pat Heung
  • Tsiu Keng
  • Ping Che
  • The Peak
  • Lam Tsuen Valley
  • Ha Tsuen

分區 Districts

本港繪圖者一覽 Hong Kong mappers

請在下面留名,同時將自己的用戶頁加入Category:Users in Hong Kong,以方便聯絡。 Please write down your username below and add Category:Users in Hong Kong in your userpage to facilitate easier communication between mappers.

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