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Bus routes in Hong Kong

Mapping Hong Kong's bus network.

Status started

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This article or section contains questionable, contentious or controversial information. See the talk page for more information.

運輸模式 Transport modes

以下鍵於香港的詮釋如下: The interpretation of the following keys in Hong Kong are below:

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This article or section contains questionable, contentious or controversial information. See the talk page for more information.
Made-up suffixes. Unclear minibus=*, tourist_bus=*, and coach=*.
鍵 Key 意思 Meaning
train=* 長途火車 Long-distance train
subway=* 地鐵及機鐵 Metro and airport rail
light_rail=* 輕鐵 Light Rail
tram=* 電車 Tram
bus=* 公共巴士(即專營巴士及居民巴士等) Public bus (e.g. Franchised buses and residential buses)
bus:franchised=* 專營巴士 Franchised bus
minibus=* 綠色專綫小巴 Green minibus (scheduled service)
share_taxi=* 紅色小巴 Red minibus
taxi=* 的士 Taxi
taxi:urban=* 市區的士 Urban taxi
taxi:nt=* 新界的士 NT taxi
taxi:lantau=* 大嶼山的士 Lantau taxi
tourist_bus=* 非專營巴士(邨巴除外) Non-franchised buses (except residential buses)

車站 stop

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Stop

停車處 Stop position

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Stop_position

公共交通工具在路上停車以供上落乘客之處以在路上的public_transport=stop_positiontransport_mode=yes標註。 The stopping position of a bus in order to pick up / drop off passengers is marked with public_transport=stop_position and transport_mode=yes on the road.

小巴因可隨意上落,故不設public_transport=stop_position。 As minibuses are allowed to pick up and drop off passengers along its route, there are no public_transport=stop_positions.

於停車限制區中指定供的士上落客之地方可使用public_transport=stop_positiontaxi=designated標註。 The places within no-stopping zones designated for taxi drop-off / pick-up may be tagged with public_transport=stop_position and taxi=designated.

月台 Platform

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Platform

巴士總站的月台以area方式勾劃出來,並標註highway=platform。 The platforms of a bus terminus is drawn with an area and tagged with highway=platform.

鐡路站的月台以area方式勾劃出來,並標註railway=platform。 The platforms of a railway station is drawn with an area and tagged with railway=platform.

node public_transport=platform用來標記巴士及電車站柱。 node public_transport=platform is used to denote bus stop and tram stop poles.

如果鐵路車站設有月台,public_transport=platform標記在月台上。 If there is a platform at a railway station, put public_transport=platform on the station.

因為同一月台可以有多支站柱,所以直接把public_transport=platform放置在站柱上,連同舊有的highway=bus_stop一齊。 Because there may be multiple poles on the same platform, put public_transport=platform on the pole directly, together with legacy highway=bus_stop.

如巴士站設有候車亭,並於頂蓋邊緣印有路線編號的話,應將候車亭輪廓以area方式勾劃出來,並標註public_transport=platformshelter=yes。但如果波板糖出現在上蓋邊,則把public_transport=platform放在其上蓋邊的node上。(其分別可參考西貢總站92及其於九巴路線的月台) If a shelter is erected at the bus stop, draw the outline of the shelter by an area, and tag it with public_transport=platform and shelter=yes. However, if there is a "lollipop" (stop flag) on the edge of the shelter, put the public_transport=platform on a node at the edge of the shelter. (Their difference can be referenced by Sai Kung B/T platforms of 92 and other KMB routes)

如果巴士站除站柱外沒有任何設施,則直接將public_transport=platform標註在站柱上。 If there is no facilities other than the pole at a bus stop, put public_transport=platform directly on the pole.

至於綠色小巴及紅色小巴的車站,如有實體站柱存在,亦請於其站柱上標註public_transport=platformminibus=yesshare_taxi=yes。 For green minibus and red minibus stops, if there is a pole physically, please tag it with public_transport=platform and minibus=yes / share_taxi=yes.

的士站的候車處亦以public_transport=platformtaxi=yes標示,如該的士站只供某種的士停泊,則以例如taxi:urban=yes等表示。 The waiting area for taxi stands are also tagged with public_transport=platform and taxi=yes. If the taxi stand is only to be used by a certain kind of taxi, it is tagged by such as taxi:urban=yes.

為了兼容舊有應用,每支站柱均以舊的highway=bus_stop方式,標示站柱位置,同一車站的不同站柱個別標示。 To ensure compatibility with earlier schemas, every bus pole is tagged with the legacy highway=bus_stop tag. All poles of the same bus stop shall be tagged individually.

由於巴士站是按站柱標示,名稱以相關巴士公司為準。As the bus stops are mapped by poles, names of the nodes should be the official one used by their respective bus companies.

ref=*為巴士公司編配該巴士站的編號。 In the above, ref=* refers to the official reference number (pole number, P/N) issued by the bus company for the bus stop.

範例 Example

車站 Stations

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Station

火車站、地鐵站、輕鐵總站、電車總站及巴士總站的範圍(有實體結構者,不包括泊街)以area方式勾劃出來,並標註public_transport=station,名稱為一般路線目的地使用的名稱(不用加上「巴士總站」、「總站」等字眼)。為了兼容舊有應用,可加上amenity=bus_station。如屬政府指定的公共運輸交匯處,則以official_name=*標註其官方名稱。至於泊街的巴士總站(有調度功能),則把public_transport=stationamenity=bus_station放在node上。 The area of a train station, metro station, light rail terminus, tram terminus or bus terminus (with physical structure, not including roadside termini) is drawn with an area, and tagged with public_transport=station. The name shall be the one commonly referred to in bus destination displays (i.e. without terms like 'Bus Terminus' or 'B/T'). For the purpose of compatibility with legacy application, amenity=bus_station may be placed. If it is a public transport interchange designated by the Government, use official_name=* for its official name. For a roadside terminus (with operation arrangement ability), place public_transport=station and amenity=bus_station on a node.

ref=*為新巴城巴對其使用的總站代號。 ref=* denotes the location code used by Citybus & NWFB.

總站內每個月台及每支站柱均須以上述方式標記。 Each platform and pole within the terminus must be tagged using the above method.

route_ref=*則標示所有途徑巴士的路線,方便普通繪圖者快速標記,並讓其他較資深的繪圖者參考。route_ref=* lists all bus lines that serve this stop. It can serve as a basis to add the full route relation later on and reference by the advanced mappers.

範例 Example

站區 Stop area

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Stop area

同一組車站(如屬巴士或電車站必須為同一行車方向,總站除外;地鐵及輕鐵站則包括所有月台)內的所有停車位置、站柱、月台等可用一個relation表示。如有相關設施,例如的士站、單車停泊處、廁所、小食亭、電話亭等亦可包括在內。 All stop positions, poles, platforms, etc in a group (in case of bus stops and tram stops, must be of the same traffic direction, except terminus; for light rail and metro stations, all platforms) of bus stops may be grouped by a relation. If there are related amenities, such as taxi stand, bicycle parking, toilets, snack kiosk, telephone kiosk, etc., they may also be included.

ref:hkbus=*/ref:hkrail=*香港巴士大典香港鐵路大典就該站的條目名稱,用法類似wikipedia=*,但不用在前加上語言前綴。ref:hkbus=*/ref:hkrail=* points to the page under The Encylopedia of Bus Transport in Hong Kong/The Encylopedia of Rail Transport in Hong Kong. The usage is similar to the wikipedia tag but the language prefix is not needed.

範例 Example

路線 Route

List of HK routes

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Route

路線方向/變體 Route direction / variant

Main article: Public_transport#Service routes

每一條路線的每一個變體均使用獨立的relation表示。一般的雙向路線(不包括循環線)故會使用兩個relation表示,而新巴14線則須以多達11個relation來表示其所有變化(南行6個,北行5個)。 Every variant of every bus route is represented by an individual relation. Therefore, a normal bi-directional route (excluding circular route) is represented by two relation, and NWFB route 14 is represented by as many as 11 relation for all variants (6 southbound, 5 northbound).

每條路線變體內先有其月台(站柱),然後再有其完整的行車路線(如固定或半固定者)。 Each route variant contains first its platforms (poles), and its complete route of travel (if fixed or semi-fixed).

如果同一條路線相同方向有多個變體,則在不常見的變體上建議加上via=*。 If there exists multiple variants for the same route and same directions, adding via=* is recommended on the less often variant.

如果該變體(特別班次)設有獨立編號,則必須加上ref=*。 If the variant (special departure) has individual number, ref=* must be added.

標記 Tagging

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This article or section contains questionable, contentious or controversial information. See the talk page for more information.
Debated network=* combinations and coverage. Made-up ref:RS=* conflicts with Serbia country code suffix, not justified against official_ref=*.
鍵 Key 值 Value 意思 Meaning 例子1 Example 1 例子2 Example 2
type route 代表路線 To denote a route route route
route bus / share_taxi / ferry / light_rail / subway / train / tram / funicular / aerialway 代表巴士/公共小巴/渡輪/輕鐵/地鐵/火車/電車/登山纜車/吊車路線 To denote a bus / public light bus / ferry / light rail / metro / train / tram / funicular / aerialway route bus bus
bus minibus / coach 代表該巴士路線(專綫小巴或居民巴士)使用小巴或旅遊巴行走,使用普通城市大巴路線則無需加上 Specify that the bus route (green minibus or residential service route) uses minibuses / coaches to run, not needed for full-sized city bus routes
service high_speed / long_distance 表示火車路線為高鐵(適用於G字頭列車)或長途火車(適用於傳統Z字頭列車) Specify that the train route is a high-speed train (applicable for G-prefixed trains) or long-haul train (applicable for conventional Z-prefixed trains)
public_transport:version 2 代表其為新規格的路線關係 To denote a route relation using the new schema 2 2
ref 編號 Number 路線編號 Route number 94 88R
ref:RS 編號 Number 居民巴士路線編號 Route number of the residents' service NR88
name 參看Talk:Proposed_features/Public_Transport#name as "prose description"?Talk:Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Use proper typography in Route names
See Talk:Proposed_features/Public_Transport#name as "prose description"? and Talk:Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Use proper typography in Route names
from name 起點站 Start station 黃石碼頭 Wong Shek Pier 沙田第一城 City One Shatin
via name 重要的中途站(例如循環線的中站) important via station (e.g. the mid-point of a circular route)
to name 終點站 Destination station 西貢 Sai Kung 中環 Central
network 網絡 network 該路線所屬的網絡,例子包括 The network which the routes belongs to, example include
  • 港鐵 MTR
  • 輕鐵 Light Rail
  • 港鐵巴士 MTR Bus
  • 港鐵接駁巴士 MTR Feeder Bus
  • 城際直通車 Intercity Through Train
  • 高速鐵路 High Speed Rail
  • 香港電車 Hong Kong Tramways
  • 九巴龍運 KMB & LW
  • 新巴城巴 Citybus & NWFB
  • 嶼巴 NLB
  • 港島專綫小巴 Hong Kong Island Green Minibus
  • 九龍專綫小巴 Kowloon Green Minibus
  • 新界專綫小巴 New Territories Green Minibus
  • 居民巴士 Residents' Service
  • 公共小巴 Public Light Bus
  • 港內線渡輪 Inner Harbour Ferry
  • 港外線渡輪 Outlying Islands Ferry
  • 街渡 Kai-to

如同時屬於多於一個則使用分號(;) If belongs to more than one simultaneously use colon (;)

九巴龍運 KMB & LW 新巴城巴 Citybus & NWFB;居民巴士 Residents' Service
operator 營辦商 operator 營辦商名稱(聯營線使用分號) Name of the company that operates the route. (Use semicolon for jointly operated routes) 九巴 KMB 城巴 Citybus
colour 顏色 colour 其於路線圖或站牌上的顏色 Colour at the route map or platform plate   #009140
opening_hours 服務時間 service hours 路線的服務時間 The service hours of the bus route Mo-Sa 06:30-21:35; Su,PH 07:30-21:35 Mo-Fr 07:45-08:20; PH off
distance 距離 distance 路線的距離 Distance of the route
duration 行車時間 run time 路線的官方行車時間 Running time of the route
roundtrip yes/no (可選)代表其是否循環線 (optional) whether the bus route is circular

路線組別 Route group

Main article: Proposed_features/Public_Transport#Route_master

同一組別的巴士路線(包括所有方向及特別班次)以relationtype=route_master表示,以路線表令為準。 Bus routes of the same group (including all directions and special departures) are represented by relationtype=route_master, according to Schedule of Service.

專綫小巴路線根據其服務詳情表,共用車隊之路線視為同一組別。 Minibus routes are grouped by sharing fleet, according to their schedules of service.

colour=*為其站牌上的顏色。 colour=* is the colour of the route on the pole.

標記 Tagging

鍵 Key 值 Value 意思 Meaning 例子 Example
type route_master 代表路線組別 To denote a group of routes route_master
route_master bus / share_taxi 代表巴士/公共小巴路線組別 To denote a group of bus / public light bus route bus
ref 編號 Number 路線編號 Route number 92
operator 營辦商 operator 營辦商名稱(聯營線使用分號) Name of the company that operates the route. (Use semicolon for jointly operated routes) 九巴 KMB
colour 顏色 colour 其站牌上的顏色 Colour at the platform plate
wheelchair yes / limited / no 掛牌車是否可載輪椅 Whether the scheduled buses can carry wheelchair yes

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