Ashford, Kent, UK

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Ashford, Kent

latitude: 51.15, longitude: 0.87
Browse map of Ashford 51°09′00.00″ N, 0°52′12.00″ E
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Ashford is a town in Kent at latitude 51°09′00.00″ North, longitude 0°52′12.00″ East.

Ashford is one of the fastest growing towns in the UK. Many changes to roads and housing are underway and more are planned. Openstreetmap data for Ashford is comparable to, or better than, other online maps. As of Jan 2009, Tele Atlas incorrectly has the old one way system, Godinton Road going through the site of Debenhams and a roundabout that the north end of Beaver Road.

Future expansion plans for Ashford include housing estates in the Cheeseman's Green area and a new M20 motorway junction 10a.

Significant Roads

Shared Space Scheme

Elwick road is part of a trial of a pedestrian/traffic shared space. The intention seems that all traffic has equal priority. This is different from a pedestrian road (where pedestrans automatically have right of way). The road was (or is) still the A292 and normally would be a primary road. Currently the closest tag is highway=living_street.

A Roads

Map all A roads in Ashford to support WikiProject United Kingdom.

A251 Ashford M20J9 to Faversham 51.17800° N 0.88402° E - 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 90% Tagged. Sabre

A28 Margate, Canterbury, Ashford, Tenderden, St Leonards-on-Sea 51.174168° N 0.903294° E

  • Progress to Margate: 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 100% Tagged.
  • Progress to Hastings: 40% Tracked, 40% Mapped, 40% Tagged. Sabre

A292 Ring road and nearby area - 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 100% Tagged. Sabre

A2070 Ashford, Kennington A251 to Brenzett A259 (Coast road) - Note: This is a trunk road maintained by the Highways Agency. 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 90% Tagged. Sabre

A2042 Towers of Eastwell Manor, Kennington (A251) to A2070 junction, 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 70% Tagged. Sabre

A262 Tenterden to Lamberhurst 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, ?% Tagged Sabre

A261 Lympne to Hythe 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 100% Tagged Sabre

B Roads

B2229 Brookfield, Beaver Lane, Norman Road - 100% Tracked, 100% Mapped, 70% Tagged

Nearby Roads

These roads could be done since Ashford is a nearby town. WikiProject United Kingdom

A Roads

A260 Folkestone, via Hawkinge, to Barham, Kent 10% Tracked, 10% Mapped, 1% Tagged

A259 Folkestone, Hythe, Brenzett, Rye, Hastings to Havant, Hampshire

  • Progress from Folkestone to Brenzett 0% Tracked, 0% Mapped, 0% Tagged
  • Progress from Brenzett to Hastings 10% Tracked, 10% Mapped, 10% Tagged

A252 Charing to Chilham 50% Tracked, 50% Mapped, 50% Tagged

A262 Lamberhurst to Tenterden

A268 Flimwell, Hawkhurst, Newenden to Rye 0% Tracked, 0% Mapped, 0% Tagged

A274 Maidstone to Biddenden

B Roads

B2046 Barham

B2067 Lympne, Hamstreet, Woodchurch to Tenterden - 50% Tracked, 50% Mapped, 50% Tagged [1]

B2068 Canterbury to M20 J11 (aka Stonestreet) 50% Tracked, 50% Mapped, 50% Tagged

B2075 Lydd

B2079 Flimwell

B2080 Tenterden to Brenzett

B2082 Tenterden to Rye

B2084 Goudhurst

B2085 Hartley (nr Cranbrook)

B2086 Hartley (nr Cranbrook)

B2087 Flimwell

B2088 Northiam (between Tenterden and Hastings)

B2089 Rye

B2090 Mountfield (very short ~500m & near B2089)

B2165 Cripp's Corner to Clayhill

B2244 Hawkhurst

B2229 Designer Outlet A2042 to Great Chart roundabout A28

Deleted? B2062 Deleted? (aka B2170?), B2073, B2074 Deleted? aka Godinton Road, B2076, B2077, B2083

Futher reference: [2] Sabre Roads

National Cycle Tracks

United Kingdom National Cycle Network

NR17 Rochester-Maidstone-Ashford-Hythe (Proposed)

NR18 Royal Tunbridge Wells-Ashford-Canterbury

Further Reference

Sustrans Ashford Cyclepath Map


United Kingdom waterways

River Upper Great Stour

River East Stour

Aylesford Stream

Whitewater Dyke

Ruckinge Dyke

River Great Stour

any more?


United Kingdom railways

Several connecting lines


United Kingdom motorways

Check M20 junctions 9 and 10.


Stour Valley Walk relation 8135

North Downs Way relation 8127

Greensand Way relation 57416

Dering Wood near Pluckley has a waymarked trail. It is located off the Headcorn to Pluckley road.

Further reference

People Willing To Help

If you are a resident or visitor to Ashford, you can join our user local group: Ashford's User Category