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An OSM project to map the UK's National Cycle Network (NCN). Co-ordinated by Sustrans, the NCN links most parts of the UK with special traffic-free routes and quiet country lanes. It has its own numbering system, roughly analogous to the road network. Though the network is mapped on Sustrans' own site, this is derived from Ordnance Survey mapping. By using OSM to create our own "creative, productive, or unexpected" maps, we can promote use of this wonderful resource.

Mapping progress

Tagging information

See Cycle routes for information on tagging NCN routes.

There are many mileposts around the network, which can be tagged and are rendered on the cycle map. They come in one of four different types. Sustrans have provided a full list of mileposts and artwork and would like help in mapping them to their correct locations.

Tag Element Description
ncn_milepost=dudgeon node Dudgeon type milepost
ncn_milepost=mccoll node McColl type milepost
ncn_milepost=mills node Mills type milepost
ncn_milepost=rowe node Rowe type milepost


Rendered maps use tiles to display the data. They can be used on any device which can display images on screen. The basic approaches are web services are web services (tiles stored on a server, internet connection necessary to view) or offline services (download all tiles first and then store them on the device).

This is an online map with cycle tracks, contours, and bike services highlighted. The tiles are licenced as CC-BY-SA 2.0 and mass use requires an API key (cost depending on usage plan).[1]
Waymarked trails: cycling
Waymarked trails is a online overlay over standard tile layer showing cycle routes. The overlay is licensed as CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany and mass download is strongly discouraged.[2]
Bbbike offers an extract service to download tiles and data in various formats. There is also a professional version available using an API key (fee required).[3]
cycle.travel map
A web map with also allows routing. An API access needs individual arrangement[4], no dedicated licensing applies.
Cyclestreets' photomap
The photomap is a web map based on OpenCycleMap but enriched with photos. Uploaders can choose a licence for their files. There are API keys and commercial arrangements are available, too.[5][6]

Even though not specifically for bicyclists, the web maps https://opentopomap.org and https://www.wanderreitkarte.de/ might be useful as well.