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Atlus screenshot.png
Author: whammo
Platform: Web
Status: Active
Source code:
Programming language: Python

API to parse US addresses with simple web interface

Atlus (or is an API that can normalize and split up addresses into the various OSM address fields. It is intended primarily for addresses in the United States, but can also be used somewhat reliably for addresses in Canada. The application can also parse and format US and Canadian phone numbers (in the format +1 XXX-XXX-XXXX). Feel free to contribute at the repo's Github page.

Web interface

You can access a simple web UI at the site's home page. This is a good way to quickly get a feel for what types of address and phone strings Atlus can handle. Note that you can only process one address at a time using this method. This frontend is written in TypeScript with React.

Clicking the Copy button once results are displayed will put the parsed information into your clipboard so that it can easily be pasted into JOSM or the raw tag sections of iD or Rapid.


The API, which powers the whole application, is much more powerful and can process up to 10,000 address or phone strings per request from the /batch endpoints. There are rate-limits of 4 requests per second; this should be more than enough for most use cases. This backend is built using Python and FastAPI. The API can be accessed at the API base URL, which will also demonstrate that Atlus is running and the current API version. The auto-generated Swagger UI docs for the API can be viewed at the docs URL.

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