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Renewable Energy generators are rapidly expanding their energy market share in Australia. This project aims to standardise and keep track of Renewable Energy developments and their auxiliary infrastructure, especially for utility-scale wind, solar, hydro and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), rooftop solar, synchronous condensers, power lines to renewable energy zones, etc. A focus should be on keeping wholesale market generators up to date, as they are important and it is relatively easily accomplished through access of AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) NEM data.

A useful tool for visualising RE infrastructure is OpenInfraMap.

Wind Farms

Overpass query

Name State Nameplate Capacity AEMO DUID Wikipedia OSM Status Notes
Agnew Gold Mine WA 17.85 relation 12818693
Albany WA 35.4 relation 10059368
Ararat VIC ARWF1 relation 8144683
Badgingarra WA relation 12802463
Bald Hills VIC BALDHWF1 relation 8107552
Bango NSW BANGOWF1 relation 13986215 5 turbines on west end still missing in imagery, estimated location used
Berrybank 1 VIC BRYB1WF1 relation 10691873
Berrybank 2 VIC relation 13990972 9 of 26 turbines missing
Biala NSW GULLRWF2 Not visible Awaiting Aerial near
Blayney NSW relation 11358377
Bluff Point TAS relation 8199160
Bluff Range SA BLUFF1 relation 9030003
Boco Rock NSW BOCORWF1 relation 8500607
Bodangora NSW BODWF1 relation 10076471
Brown Hill SA HALLWF1 relation 9897738
Bulgana VIC BULGANA1 relation 12810875
Canunda SA CNUNDAWF relation 9032513
Cape Bridgewater VIC relation 8156499
Cape Nelson (North) VIC relation 8156498
Cape Nelson (South) VIC relation 8156500
Cape Sir William Grant VIC relation 8156497
Capital NSW CAPTL_WF relation 9722329
Cathedral Rocks SA CATHROCK relation 8387530
Cattle Hill TAS CTHLWF1 relation 12256998
Challicum Hills VIC CHALLHWF relation 8144682
Chepstowe VIC CHPSTWF1 relation 12814642
Cherry Tree VIC CHYTWF1 relation 12806522
Clarke Creek QLD Not visible Construction probably began late 2020.

Approx location:

Clements Gap SA CLEMGPWF relation 8397218
Codrington VIC CODRNGTON relation 8142591
Collector NSW COLWF01 relation 12805687
Collgar WA relation 9740572
Coober Pedy SA relation 12818785
Coonooer Bridge VIC CBWF1 relation 12810647
Coopers Gap QLD COOPGWF relation 9406494
Crookwell NSW relation 9700375
Crookwell 2 NSW CROOKWF2 relation 12592560
Crowlands VIC CROWLWF1 relation 10364013
Crudine Ridge NSW CRURWF1 relation 15531590 6 of 37 turbines visible
Cullerin Range NSW CULLRGWF relation 9700374
Dulacca QLD Not visible Construction commenced October 2021. Awaiting aerial.

Approx location:

Dundonnell VIC relation 13987550 Only 23 of 80 turbines visible on aerial so far
Ferguson VIC FNWF1 relation 12817151
Emu Downs WA relation 12794513
Goyder South SA Not visible Construction early works started Jan 2022, major construction expected Q2 2022
Granville Harbour TAS GRANWF1 relation 13987548
Gullen Range NSW GULLRWF1 relation 7762672
Gunning NSW GUNNING1 relation 9700396
Hallett SA See Hallett Hill, Brown Hill, North Brown Hill, Bluff Range
Hallett Hill SA HALLWF2 relation 9030326
Hampton NSW relation 12818946
Hepburn VIC HEPWIND1 relation 8197609
Hornsdale SA HDWF relation 8403778
Huxley Hill TAS relation 8199158
Kaban QLD Construction visible Early works visible near
Kennedy QLD relation 12797385
Kiata VIC KiataWF1 relation 12810529
Lake Bonney SA LKBONNY relation 9032514
Lal Lal (Elaine) VIC ELAINWF1 relation 12770988 Only 15 of 22 turbines currently visible
Lal Lal (Yendon) VIC YENDWF1 relation 10054299
Lincoln Gap 1 SA 126 LGAPWF1 relation 9744431
Lincoln Gap 2 SA 86.4 See Lincoln Gap 1 Some turbines not visible; estimated location used
Lincoln Gap 3 SA Not visible Proposed Location should be on ridges east of Stage 2, and a small part south of the highway.
Macarthur VIC MACARTH1 relation 8156501
MacIntyre QLD relation 15517160 Construction beginning Feb 2022

General area:

Maroona VIC MAROOWF1 Not Visible Awaiting Aerial near
Moorabool VIC MOORAWF1 relation 12002723
Mortlake South VIC relation 12811443
Mortons Lane VIC MLWF1 relation 8144686
Mt Emerald QLD MEWF1 relation 9932344
Mt Gellibrand VIC MTGELWF1 relation 12814493
Mt Mercer VIC MERCER01 relation 8141968
Mt Millar SA MTMILLAR relation 8387705
Mumbida WA relation 5726546
Murra Warra VIC MUWAWF1 relation 11358379
Musselroe TAS MUSSELR1 relation 8199159
Nhill (Diapur) SA relation 12817439
Nine Mile Beach WA 3.6 relation 5726519
North Brown Hill SA NBHWF1 relation 9030004
Oaklands Hill VIC OAKLAND1 relation 8144685
Port Augusta SA relation 12767276 2 of 50 turbines still awaiting aerial; added with estimated location
Portland VIC See Yambuk, Cape Bridgewater, Cape Nelson, Cape Sir William Grant
Rye Park NSW relation 15527202 Construction Construction started Dec 2021.
Salt Creek VIC SALTCRK1 relation 12811465
Sapphire NSW SAPHWF1 relation 9789421
Silverton NSW STWF1 relation 11358378
Snowton SA SNOWTWN1 relation 9034052
Snowton 2 SA SNOWNTH1 relation 12815232
Starfish Hill SA STARHLWF relation 9892674
Stockyard Hill VIC relation 12815258
Studland Bay TAS relation 8199161
Taralga NSW TARALGA1 relation 9700298
Ten Mile Lagoon WA relation 5726520
Timboon West VIC TIMWEST relation 12817459
Toora VIC TOORAWF relation 7917337
Walkaway WA relation 12795261
Warradarge WA relation 12811927
Waterloo SA WATERLWF relation 9028743
Wattle Point SA WPWF relation 8402178
Waubra VIC WAUBRAWF relation 8144684
White Rock NSW WRWF1 relation 10038622
Willogoleche SA WGWF1 relation 12814833
Windy Hill QLD WHILL1 relation 12805326
Wonthaggi VIC WONWP relation 8107551
Woodlawn NSW WOODLWN1 relation 9722330
Woolnorth TAS WOOLNTH1 See Bluff Point and Studland Bay
Yaloak South VIC YSWF1 relation 10364033
Yambuk VIC WAMBUKWF relation 8142592
Yandin WA relation 12802736
Yawong VIC YAWWF1 relation 12771008

Solar Photovoltaic Farms

Overpass query

Name State Nameplate Capacity AEMO DUID Wikipedia OSM Status Notes
Adelaide Desalination Plant 1 SA ADPPV1 ???
Adelaide Desalination Plant 2 SA ADPPV2 ???
Adelaide Desalination Plant 3 SA ADPPV3 relation 12798948
Agnew Gold Mine way 951977671
Avonlie NSW way 1149136624 Construction
Badgingarra WA way 949353348
Baking Board QLD See Chinchilla
Bannerton VIC BANN1 way 723022474
Barcaldine QLD BARCSF1 way 545959604
Batchelor NT relation 12798151 Construction
Beryl NSW BERYLSF1 way 948166814
Blue Grass QLD BLUEGSF1 way 1049633704 Construction Significant completion visible on Maxar
Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant SA BOWWPV1 relation 12798958
Bomen NSW BOMENSF1 relation 12774603
Borroloola way 943430789
Brigalow QLD See Maryrorough
Broken Hill NSW BROKENH1 way 392513578
Bungala 1 SA BNGSF1 way 635460074
Bungala 2 SA BNGSF2 ???
Capital East NSW 0.5 MW CESF1 way 1049860681
Carwarp VIC ??? Construction
Chichester WA way 1012706286
Childers QLD CHILDSF1 way 948211610
Chinchilla Baking Board QLD BAKING1 way 948636951
Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant relation 12798956
Clare QLD CLARESF1 way 949605278
Clermont QLD CLERMSF1 relation 14010868
Cohuna VIC COHUNA relation 12789144
Colleambally NSW COLEASF1 way 709100070
Collinsville QLD CSPVPS1 relation 12769144
Columboola QLD ??? Construction
Coober Pedy SA way 764880347
Corowa NSW CRWASF1 way 948950448 Construction
Costa Adelaide Mushroom Farm SA 2 MW relation 12798942
Cultana SA ??? Construction
Darling Downs QLD DDSF1 way 752967933
Darlington Point NSW DARLSF1 way 706999783
Darwin Airport Stage 1 NT way 724839916
Darwin Airport Stage 2 NT way 724839915
Daydream 1 QLD DAYDSF1 relation 12771653
Daydream 2 QLD DAYDSF2 ???
Deakin University way 820382925
Doomadgee way 785299250
Doomadgee Extension way 1049592417
Dubbo (Narromine) NSW NASF1 way 881601318
Dubbo (South Keswick) NSW SKSF1 way 881597200
Edenvale QLD ??? Construction
Emerald QLD 72 MW EMERASF1 way 1049622407
Emu Downs WA way 755426031
Finley NSW FINLYSF1 way 728782196
Gangarri GANGARR1 ???
Gannawarra VIC GANNSF1 way 722260732
Garden Island Microgrid way 727385871
Glenrowan West VIC GLRWNSF1 relation 12769363
Goonumbla NSW GOONSF1 way 948343172
Greenough River WA way 384910156
Griffith NSW GRIFSF1 relation 12770760
Gudai-Darri WA way 1050740936 Construction
Gullen NSW GULLRSF1 way 841600751
Gunnedah NSW GNNDHSF1 way 953626573 Construction
Hamilton QLD HAMISF1 relation 12771652
Haughton QLD HAUGHT11 way 949429977
Hayman QLD HAYMSF1 way 948424266
Hillston NSW HILLSTN1 way 954204783 Construction
Hughenden QLD HUGSF1 way 949579598
Jemalong NSW JEMALNG1 relation 12627476
Junee NSW JUNEESF1 way 1049653087 Construction
Karadoc VIC KARSF1 way 948942301
Katherine NT way 849649148 Construction
Kennedy QLD KEPSF1 way 949583032 Construction
Kiamal 1 VIC KIAMSF1 way 948954306
Kidston QLD KSP1 way 798877583
Leeton Fivebough way 1016445567
Lilyvale QLD LILYSF1 way 948582471
Limondale 1 NSW LIMOSF11 way 710073323
Limondale 2 NSW LIMOSF21 ???
Longreach QLD LRSF1 way 949567927
Majura relation 9422877
Manildra NSW MANSLR1 way 948165030
Mannum Stage 1 SA 5 MW way 1049867291
Mannum - Adelaide Pipeline Pumping Station No 2 SA MAPS2PV1 way 961616613
Mannum - Adelaide Pipeline Pumping Station No 3 way 961320885
Manton NT way 849663762 Construction
Marble Bar Microgrid way 550003920
Maryrorough MARYRSF1 way 948385222
Melbourne Airport VIC way 823066841
Merredin WA way 949348476
Metz NSW METZSF1 ??? Construction
Middlemount QLD MIDDLSF1 way 948338587
Mildura Solar Concentrator VIC way 548631280
Molong NSW MOLNGSF1 way 948634829
Moree NSW MOREESF1 way 658931246
Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline Pumping Station No 1 SA MWPS1PV1 way 1049854169
Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline Pumping Station No 2 SA MWPS2PV1 Not visible Awaiting aerial near way/601678929
Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline Pumping Station No 3 SA MWPS3PV1 way 983912336
Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline Pumping Station No 4 SA MWPS4PV1 way 983918316
Moura QLD ??? Construction
Mugga Lane MLSP1 way 499868653
Murray Bridge-Onkaparinga Pipeline Pumping Station No 2 SA MBPS2PV1 way 949715785
Nevertire NSW NEVERSF1 way 948343956
New England NSW ??? Construction
Northam WA ???
Numurkah VIC NUMURSF1 relation 12771291
Nyngan NSW NYNGAN1 way 392445480
Oakley 1 QLD OAKEY1SF way 800721964
Oakley 2 QLD OAKEY2SF ???
Parkes NSW PARSF1 way 658933071
Peterborough way 612106758
Port Augusta SA ??? Construction
Port Bonython way 974947037
Redmud Green Energy - Site 52 way 1039243138
Redmud Green Energy - Site 65 way 1039243137
Robertson Barracks way 849676268
Ross River QLD RRSF1 way 910004403
Rottnest Island WA way 685165840
Royalla ACT ROYALLA1 way 480673864
Rugby Run QLD RUGBYR1 relation 12352856
Schwartz way 911062725
Sebastapol NSW SEBSF1 way 958397278 Construction Not visible
South Keswick See Dubbo (South Keswick)
Summerhill NSW way 911050589
Sun Metals QLD SMCSF1 relation 12797548
Sunraysia NSW SUNRSF1 way 710054263
Sunshine Coast QLD VALDORA1 way 765593194
Suntop NSW SUNTPSF1 way 948170857 Construction
Susan River QLD SRSF1 way 948214325
Swan Hill VIC way 733254929
Swan Reach Water Filtration Plant way 973002127
Tailem Bend SA TBSF1 way 708047845
Tregalana SA way 1049617726
UNE Armidale Stage 1 NSW way 1017040632
Valdora QLD See Sunshine Coast
Wagga North NSW WAGGNSF1 way 948711059 Construction
Warwick 1 QLD WARWSF1 way 1020772874
Warwick 2 QLD WARWSF2 ???
Wellington NSW WELLSF1 relation 12789236
Wemen VIC WEMENSF1 relation 10040373
West Wyalong NSW ??? Construction
Western Downs QLD WDGPH1 ??? Construction
White Rock NSW WRSF1 way 698045659
Whitsunday QLD WHITSF1 way 948424270
Whyalla Stage 1 SA 6 MW way 598924414
Williamsdale ACT ???
Winton VIC WINTSF1 way 948218698 Construction
Wollert way 948393161
Woodlawn NSW 2.4 MW way 888584901
Woolooga QLD ??? Construction
Wyalong NSW ??? Construction
Yarranlea QLD YARANSF1 relation 12771217
Yatpool VIC YATSF1 way 948341077
Zilzie Wines VIC 0.950 MW way 971988574