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PSMA Admin Boundaries


ABS Suburb Boundary Data Set

This import was done pre the licence change in 2012. Has been superseded by the PSMA boundary import.

Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database (CAPAD) 2014 (and earlier)

Geoscience Australia - Land Tenure

Geoscience Australia has a CC licenced dataset of Land Tenure, National Parks, State Forests (or equivalent) etc:

Geoscience Australia 1:250 000 GIS Datasets

An extensive collection of over 500 individual maps which include names of places and vegetation cover of Australia.

Requests Made

State/Territory Government

Victoria Holds a vast amount of data under Creative Commons 4 (CC BY 4.0) licences. If other users who have more time to navigate the (I'm imagining) complicated and time-consuming business of starting to import some of these data, it would be amazing. For a start and two associated datasets contain most building polygons in the State.

New South Wales Other

Geographical Names Board Data

Imported by Brent Easton in November 07

Copyright "vested in the Crown in the right of the State of New South Wales". The terms of use were not recorded on the mailing list archives, but the attribution is stated with the tags.


Potential Datasource: Main Roads in Qld provide POI co-ords in downloadable format here: - unsure of the licence terms

The navman zip file contains CSV format of all POIs...

Import of Queensland Protected Areas (National Parks etc)

Queensland Government Information Service has datasets containing National Park, Wetland areas and State Forests are available for the Qld State Govt under a CCBY3 licence. Importing these would improve the Qld map area, (so long as duplicate nodes and clashes with pre-existing data could be resolved). see Australia/Queensland/The Department of Environment and Resource Management/Protected Areas Import

Proposed Import of Queensland Peaks and Mountain names

Queensland Government has place name gazetteer under a CCBY3 licence. See Australia/Queensland/The Department of Environment and Resource Management/Peaks And Mountains Import

Requests Made

Permission to use the following data sets has been requested:
Organisation Item Reference Date Request Made Requester Date Response Received Respondent Permission Granted? Import Progress
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Qld State Controlled Roads Unknown 27th May, 2010 DavidDean 27th May, 2010 Nicholas Lawrence Yes Australia/Queensland/Department of Transport and Main Roads/Import

Locality boundaries

A shapefile (updated monthly) is available atː

Local and Regional Councils

Queensland : Sunshine Coast

Contacted: 18 Feb 2009 by JeffP_Oz

Status : 26 Oct 2009 in principle agreement to supply content, pending legals review

Content : road centre lines

File format : upon request (eg bi-monthly) shapefile on cdrom

Import process : not yet defined


Australian_Data_Imports/FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018 Community Day OSM Import Stream