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For the Region of Brussels Capital, see Brussels Capital Region.
The City of Brussels (Bruxelles-Ville - Stad Brussel), Brussels Capital Region, Belgium

latitude: 50.8549, longitude: 4.3755
Browse map of the City of Brussels 50°51′17.64″ N, 4°22′31.80″ E
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The City of Brussels (Bruxelles-Ville - Stad Brussel) is a city in Brussels Capital Region, Belgium at latitude 50°51′17.64″ North, longitude 4°22′31.80″ East.

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Brussels (Bruxelles in French or Brussel in Dutch) is officially a bilingual city and administrative district. Therefore it is unclear which language should be used to tag streets and place names. The city page was moved to a more general English version for now but a better solution is needed. Please join the discussion on the Belgium project discussion page to help decide how we should handle this.


Brussels (French: Bruxelles, pronounced [bʁysɛl], and sometimes [bʁyksɛl] by non-Belgian speakers of French; Dutch: Brussel, pronounced [brʏsəl]; German: Brüssel) is the capital of Belgium, the French Community of Belgium, the Flemish Community and the main seat of the European Union's institutions (and thus often considered 'The Capital of Europe'). -- Source Wikipedia




Villo Stations: relation 271476

Walking routes

GR footpaths

  • GR12
  • GR126
  • GR512
  • GR579
  • GR12 - GR126
  • GR126 - GR579

People mapping in Brussels

List yourself here if you've been doing any mapping Brussels

  • Jloriaux - worked on the Brussels map
  • Grungie - lives in Brussels
  • PhilippeP - works in Brussels
  • Moyogo - from aerial imagery and walking around too much
  • pluimpje - lives in Brussels (from aerial imagery and my own gps tracks)
  • Koying - lives and works in Brussels
  • Polyglot - I work on public transport mostly, mapped several tram lines, using UrbIS data as a basis and integrating with the rest of the data.
  • Velosteph - involved in cycling defense in Brussels, I build routes for cycling thru Brussels. I have also several GPS tracks in stock, and on my own webiste a database with all the street names AND the description of the official regional network of bycicle routes, so one of my project is to find a way to translate these datas into maps...
  • eMerzh - lives and works in Brussels ;-)
  • BenoitL — lives and works in Brussels
  • Paul-Andre Duchesne - lives and works in Brussels - Map either from Bing aerial images, tracks from my smartphone or my data logger, collect infos while walking and cycling in Brussel :)
  • Foxandpotatoes - lives in Brussels and has made UrbIS imports in the south of the region.
  • Npettiaux — lives and works in Brussels

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