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The wikipedia:Cowichan Valley Regional District is a region on Vancouver Island.

The region is made up of several communities.

Data Sources

  • Canvec
  • NRN
  • CVRD
  • Bing does not presently have air photos for this area.

Local Area mappers

According to itoword, there are 20 contributors in the area & from around the world who have contributed to the map.

GPS Traces

File:JOSM view of CVRD.jpg thumb You can see that alot of work has been done in the area

Data Imports

Cowichan Valley Regional District GIS Department

The CVRD has now made the data availble from their website, with direct permission granted to use the data to help update OpenStreetMap.

The full transcript of the communication is available on in the Archives here

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 3:54 PM, Rob Grant <****>  wrote:
The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) has made data available for free download and
reference. Accessible through the CVRD website, the Terms and Conditions of use are part of the
download. The CVRD grants permission to reference this data for feature creation
and edit.


  • email the talk-ca@ discussion list to share the news (complete: see archives) here
  • email the list to share the news (complete: see archives) here
  • get an RSS Feed from the source website, to be notified of any updates to the website (complete Acrosscanadatrails has a will notify local area mappers of changes.
  • connect with all the local area mappers and have meet-up to discuss the process
    • use to find out who the local area mappers are
    • contact local area mappers via the web interface
  • create a 'before' image snap-shot of the area & post to the wiki.
    • Use ITO world to view the user activity heat-map
    • use the walking-papers to create a view of the area
  • make the .shp files available as separate downloads (1 download) per category.
    • use OpenJUMP to view the data & sort and categorize into separate files
    • use to store the files
  • make the .gpx files available as downloads to trace from in JOSM
  • list all of the features that are available & suggest the appropriate tags to use
    • Address
      • Requires a fair bit of processing to incorporate.
    • Development_Permit_Areas
      • Maybe useful for determining landuse
    • Drainage_Service_Areas
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Electoral_Areas
      • Massaged somewhat to produce data for boundary relations and incorporated
    • Emergency_Planning_Zones
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Fire_Service_Areas
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Hazard_Interface
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Lakes
      • We already have the NHN/Canvec data which this seems to have been derived from.
    • Official_Community_Plan
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Parcels
      • Useful for determining boundaries for land use, but not for direct import.
    • Parks
      • Imported
    • Places
    • Sewer_Service_Areas
    • Street_Lighting_Service_Areas
      • Probably need manual import.
    • Trans_Canada_Trail
      • Imported and integrated with existing data. Set as highway=bridleway attribution=Cowichan Valley Regional District source=CVRD_Import_2010 foot=designated bicycle=designated horse=designated name=Cowichan Valley Trail. Linked together with a relation ( Eliminated less accurate looking Canvec data where appropriate. Linked with roads where it crosses or overlaps them and with other mapped trails in Cowichan River Provincial Park. The Kinsol portion of the trail, and the bypass around it are subroutes. I marked the route as network=nwn;ncn route=foot;bicycle;horse Which isn't exactly standard syntax but made more sense than using a different relation for each form of travel. There were sections through the CRD and City of Nanaimo that looked rather low resolution so I left them out.
      • I'm not sure if the section from Timberlands road to Harewood mines road is technically part of the CVT. The shapefile says it is but maps from the RDN give it other names like the Haslam Trail and White Pine Trail.
      • It's not clear what the official road route between the trail sections is. Some of the provided data overlaps roads. Descriptions of the trail route vary and most exclude the section from Cleve Road to Sherman Road, which is clearly signed as part of the CVT.
    • Urban_Containment_Boundary
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Water_Service_Areas
      • Probably not useful to us
    • Zoning
      • Maybe useful for determining landuse
  • make the .osm files available to view & copy in what is needed.
  • use osm-splitter, to divide the data into manageable 'chunks'
  • make a wiki chart for each of the map features indicating the process
    • use the perl script to make a .txt file from the results of osm-splitter
  • make a WMS layer from the SHP files using the source data.
    • use to host the data. (might not be needed)


The GeoBase data for all of Canada is available, this includes roads data water features.

Status: From the GeoBase NHN National Hydrography Network, most (all?) of the rivers/streams & water features have all been imported.

Status: The GeoBase NRN National Road Network has all been imported, there might still be a few roads which are not connected.

Status: The GeoBase Aborigional Lands data has been converted & is available, but not yet imported.

GeoGratis - Toporama

The toporama WMS layer from Natural resources canada is available to use in JOSM. Most of the features have no

Natural Resources Canada: CanVec

This area was initially one of the test areas for the canvec data, so all of the features that are availbe from the source have been imported.