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Saturday 3rd March 2007, Oxford


SteveC, Artemp, Richard and Steve8 will be meeting in Charlbury to discuss styles used in the default Mapnik slippy map.

The Mapnik Features page gives details of what detail appears at which zoom level, and also contains a table of node, way and area features that are not currently displayed on the mapnik layer (brought from the slippy map page and then checked and updated). It is intended to review this data in the morning, make cartographically sound decisions on changing some detail (and implementing the changes). Feel free to add to or amend this data prior to the 3 Mar.

Afternoon (3pm onwards) / evening

Meet at the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. Lat 51.759743 / long -1.265053 (reputedly!).

The Jericho Tavern reputedly has free wifi, plus good beer and cider (sadly not free) and top-notch gourmet burgers.

From Gloucester Green bus station: take the northern exit out towards Worcester Street/Walton Street, then walk up Walton Street for ten minutes or so and it's on your left. If you pass the Phoenix cinema, you've gone too far.
From Oxford railway station: turn left out of the main station approach, pass the business school, and keep going along Hythe Bridge Street past the car park (on your right) and canal (on your left). Bear left with the road, then at the traffic lights, continue straight on up Walton Street as above.
Alternative from Oxford railway station: The "Adventurous OSMer's Trust Your Fellow Cartographer" route is to get there via the Oxford Canal towpath. Out of station turn left towards city centre and either turn left up Rewley Road, right on cycleway at canal and left up towpath/cycleway, or turn left on to the canal towpath at Hythe Bridge. In either case look for footbridge to right, over canal, and zigzag through side streets to Walton St. Point of offering this is that it is detailed info that OSM gives that neither TeleAtlas or Streetmap do (see Jericho Tavern link above). via Steve8
Alternative 2 from Oxford railway station: The "Very Adventurous OSMer's Trust Oxfordshire County Council" route is as above, but following the new 'cycle route to Oxford Canal' signs installed outside Oxford station. Radio for help if you find yourself in a difficult situation and threatened by natives.

We'll be having a general chat about improving cartographic design generally within OSM, and how to encourage production of cartography using OSM data... and, as ever, about all aspects of OSM.

Feel free to bring examples of maps you admire (printed or electronic, OSM or non-OSM) as a starting point for discussions. A couple of those attending have professional cartographic experience.

Who's coming to the pub at 3pm (onwards)

Who's planning on turning up to the pub in the evening