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This page lists the features that were rendered by the main Mapnik style on as of 2007.

Mapnik zoom levels and detail

Zoom level that data first appears at (compiled by observation - feel free to add/amend)
Zoom level Data first included at this zoom Notes
5 railways, motorways, trunk, primary and secondary roads -
6 - -
7 tertiary roads please add tertiary roads into the rendering stack somewhere below secondary and above everything else.
8 - -
9 unclassified roads, rivers, ferries, green spaces (parks, woods), heaths -
10 landuse (eg residential), more place names -
11 lakes, reservoirs, motorway symbols -
12 - -
13 unclassified (as casement roads), primary and secondary roads named, footways/cycleways (grey) -
14 footways, cycleways, unsurfaced roads -
15 names for unclassified roads, feature names -
16 pubs, parking -
17 embassy can this go to 16?
18 - -

Mapnik - detail not rendered

Some examples - feel free to add/amend
Node/way/area Feature Example
Node Railway stations [1]
Node Churches [2]
Node Pub names [3]
Node Tourism=attraction [4]
Way Bridge [5]
Way Tunnel [6]
Way oneway=yes [7]
Area Car park [8]
Area School [9]
Node Embassy [10]

Some rough notes

  • lots of stuff in this trac query
  • parking areas are crappy
  • castle symbol doesn't exist
  • recycle symbol too
  • lots of green areas are rendered grey
    • leisure=common
    • leisure=garden
    • leisure=golf_course
    • leisure=pitch
    • landuse=allotments
    • landuse=cemetery (the crosses don't work properly, maybe plain grey/green aren't the best colour?)
    • landuse=forest (darker green?)
    • landuse=recreation_ground
    • landuse=village_green
    • natural=wood
  • none of the landuse areas are rendered differently, it might be useful to show retail / residential / commercial / industrial areas
  • Reigate max zoom packs a lot in - what can we learn from them?
  • colour blindness - are walk/cycle/bridleways crappy for colour blind people?
  • streams currently appear as wide as rivers, making Hertfordshire look waterlogged.
  • railway=subway currently renders as a nondescript grey line.
  • water bodies in hyde park and regents park dont show up at high zoom
  • service roads could be better, they look kind of jarring IMHO
  • runways and taxiways should look nicer
  • white outline of areas, e.g. this water body:
  • waterway=riverbank produces two lines for the riverbank rather than a solid fill for the river

From trac

  • Footpaths: They show up as grey lines on higher zoom levels, when they shouldn't appear at all #293
  • Residential should be rendered like unclassified is (i.e. a thin line), until you zoom in, then both the same as a double line. Residential may be slightly different colour, possibly fill with light grey instead of white. #296
  • County Borders need to appear different to unclassified roads. Dashed lines would be more appropriate. #298
  • The railway=subway tag is not rendered as a railway. Instead it is just an ordinary white line. #353
  • railway="tram" is currently rendered as railway="rail". As a tram is most of time in the streets of a city, it could be rendered differently (perhaps a thin black line ?) #321
  • Names for leisure: sports_centre render under polygon #343
  • On further zoom levels (<17) in addition to the blue lines, cyclepaths also have a gray surrounding road which is unnecessary and makes them again seem more important than normal roads. #354
  • Could the coastline be rendered the same colour as rivers? At some zoom levels of 12 and lower is shown as a thin grey line: and then at higher zoom levels 13 & 14 as a white line, and at highest zoom levels as a white fill with grey outline #322
  • I believe there should be a distinction in the rendering of highway=unclassified vs highway=unsurfaced at higher zooms. See #380