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In OpenStreetMap, the major roads of a road network are sorted on an importance scale, from motorway to quaternary road.

Major roads

Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-highway motorway carto.png Motorway, the most important roads in a road network. Equivalent to freeway, Autobahn (Germany), etc. highway=motorway
Rendering-highway motorway link.png The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a motorway highway=motorway_link
Rendering-highway construction motorway carto.png Motorway under construction / Motorway link under construction highway=construction + construction=motorway / highway=construction + construction=motorway_link
Rendering-highway trunk carto.png Trunks, the most important roads in a road network that aren't motorways highway=trunk
Rendering-highway trunk link.png The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a trunk highway highway=trunk_link
Rendering-highway construction trunk carto.png Trunk under construction / Trunk link under construction highway=construction + construction=trunk / highway=construction + construction=trunk_link
Rendering-highway primary carto.png Primary road highway=primary
Rendering-highway primary link.png Connecting slip roads/ramps of primary highways highway=primary_link
Rendering-highway construction primary carto.png Primary road under construction / Primary road link under construction highway=construction + construction=primary / highway=construction + construction=primary_link
Rendering-highway secondary carto.png Secondary road highway=secondary
Rendering-highway secondary link.png Connecting slip roads/ramps of secondary highways highway=secondary_link
Rendering-highway construction secondary carto.png Secondary road under construction / Secondary road link under construction highway=construction + construction=secondary / highway=construction + construction=secondary_link
Rendering-highway tertiary carto.png Tertiary road highway=tertiary
Rendering-highway tertiary link.png Connecting slip roads/ramps of tertiary highways highway=tertiary_link
Rendering-highway unclassified.png Quaternary road highway=unclassified

City roads

Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-highway residential.png Residential road highway=residential
Rendering-highway construction tertiary carto.png Tertiary road under construction / Tertiary road link under construction / Quaternary road under construction / Residential road under construction highway=construction + construction=tertiary / highway=construction + construction=tertiary_link / highway=construction + construction=unclassified / highway=construction + construction=residential / highway=construction (without construction=*)
Rendering-highway destination.png Residential road only local traffic highway=residential + access=destination
Rendering-highway privat.png Residential road only private traffic / prohibited to be used by the general public highway=residential + access=private / highway=residential + access=no
Rendering-highway service.png Access road (may be also outside of a city) highway=service
Rendering-highway service minor.png Subordinated way in a parking lot / drive-through highway / driveway / slipway highway=service + service=parking_aisle / highway=service + service=drive-through / highway=service + service=driveway / highway=service + leisure=slipway
Rendering-highway construction service carto.png Access road under construction highway=construction + construction=service
Living street osm.png Living street highway=living_street
Rendering-highway construction living street carto.png Living street under construction highway=construction + construction=living_street
Pedestrian with area osm.png Pedestrian street highway=pedestrian
Rendering-highway construction pedestrian carto.png Pedestrian street under construction highway=construction + construction=pedestrian

Roads and ways for non-motorized vehicles

Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-highway bridleway.png Bridleway highway=bridleway
Cycleway osm.png Cycleway highway=cycleway
Rendering-highway footway.png Footway / Multi-use path highway=footway / highway=path
Rendering-highway steps.png Steps highway=steps
Rendering-highway construction misc ways carto.png Bridleway / Cycleway / Footway / Multi-use path / Steps / Track under construction highway=construction + construction=bridleway / highway=construction + construction=cycleway / highway=construction + construction=footway / highway=construction + construction=path / highway=construction + construction=steps / highway=construction + construction=track

Agricultural and/or forestry roads

Drawing Description Wiki page
Mapnik-tracktype-grade1.png Track. Solid surface. highway=track + tracktype=grade1
Mapnik-tracktype-grade2.png Track. Mostly solid surface. highway=track + tracktype=grade2
Mapnik-tracktype-grade3.png Track. Even amount of solid and soft materials. highway=track + tracktype=grade3
Mapnik-tracktype-grade4.png Track. Mostly soft surface. highway=track + tracktype=grade4
Mapnik-tracktype-grade5.png Track. Soft surface. highway=track + tracktype=grade5
Mapnik-tracktype-not-set.png Track with unknown surface type. highway=track

Miscellaneous roads

Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-aeroway runway line.png Runway aeroway=runway
Rendering-aeroway taxiway line.png Taxiway aeroway=taxiway
Rendering-highway-bus guideway-mapnik.png Way for guided buses highway=bus_guideway
Rendering-leisure track line.png Track (non-motorised) leisure=track
Rendering-highway-raceway-mapnik.png Racetrack (motorised) highway=raceway
Rendering-highway-road-mapnik.png Completely unknown road type. Anything from footpath to motorway is possible. This should be temporary, until the road type has been surveyed properly. highway=road
Rendering-highway construction road raceway carto.png Raceway under construction / Road with unknown classification under construction highway=construction + construction=raceway / highway=construction + construction=road
Rendering-man made pier.png Pier, Landing stage man_made=pier


Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-railway rail.png Railway for full-sized passenger trains railway=rail
Rendering-railway construction-125.png Construction railway railway=construction
Rendering-railway disused-125.png Disused railway railway=disused
Rendering-railway rail service.png Railway full-sized passenger trains service segments (Siding track / Yard / Spur track) railway=rail + service=siding / railway=rail + service=yard / railway=rail + service=spur
Rendering-railway light rail funicular narrow gauge-125.png Narrow gauge railway / Cable-driven inclined railway / Rails of a light rail railway=narrow_gauge / railway=funicular / railway=light_rail
Rendering-railway tram.png Tram railway railway=tram
Rendering-railway subway.png Subway railway railway=subway
Rendering-railway preserved.png Preserved railway railway=preserved
Rendering-railway miniature.png Miniature railway railway=miniature
Rendering-railway monorail.png Monorail railway railway=monorail
Rendering-area-railway turntable-mapnik.png Railway turntable railway=turntable
Rendering-roller coaster track.png Roller coaster track roller_coaster=track

Aerial lifts

Drawing Description Wiki page
Chair lift rendering.png Chairlift / Drag lift / T-bar lift / J-bar lift / Platter lift / Rope tow lift / Zip line aerialway=chair_lift / aerialway=drag_lift / aerialway=t-bar / aerialway=j-bar / aerialway=platter / aerialway=rope_tow / aerialway=zip_line
Aerialway gondola render.png Gondola lift / Cable car run / Mixed lift aerialway=gondola / aerialway=cable_car / aerialway=mixed_lift
Aerialway goods.png An aerial lift for goods aerialway=goods


Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-river.png River / Canal waterway=river / waterway=canal
Rendering-waterway river intermittent.png River intermittent / Canal intermittent / River seasonal / Canal seasonal waterway=river + intermittent=* / waterway=river + seasonal=* / waterway=canal + intermittent=* / waterway=canal + seasonal=*
Rendering-waterway river tunnel.png River in tunnel / Canal in tunnel waterway=river + tunnel=yes / waterway=canal + tunnel=yes
Rendering-waterway canal-tunnel-flooded.png Canal in tunnel waterway=canal + tunnel=flooded
Rendering-stream.png Stream / Ditch / Drain waterway=stream / waterway=ditch / waterway=drain
Rendering-waterway stream intermittent.png Stream intermittent / Stream seasonal / Ditch intermittent / Ditch seasonal / Drain intermittent / Drain seasonal waterway=stream + intermittent=* / waterway=stream + seasonal=* / waterway=ditch + intermittent=* / waterway=ditch + seasonal=* / waterway=drain + intermittent=* / waterway=drain + seasonal=*
Rendering-waterway stream tunnel.png Stream in pipe or tunnel / Ditch in pipe or tunnel / drain in pipe or tunnel waterway=stream + tunnel=yes / waterway=ditch + tunnel=yes / waterway=drain + tunnel=yes
Rendering-attraction water slide.png Water slide attraction=water_slide

Water traffic

Drawing Description Wiki page
Route ferry.png Ferry route route=ferry


Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-highway railway platform line.png Platform at a bus stop or station / Railway platform highway=platform / railway=platform

Energy supply

Drawing Description Wiki page
Power line.png Major power line power=line
Power minor line.png Minor power line / Path from tee area to the green of a golf course power=minor_line / golf=hole
Rendering-man-made-pipeline.png Overground pipeline man_made=pipeline + location=overground/overhead
Rendering-man-made-pipeline-substance-gas.png Overground gas pipeline man_made=pipeline + location=overground/overhead + substance=gas
Rendering-man-made-pipeline-substance-oil.png Overground oil pipeline man_made=pipeline + location=overground/overhead + substance=oil
Rendering-man-made-pipeline-substance-water.png Overground water pipeline man_made=pipeline + location=overground/overhead + substance=water
Rendering-man made goods conveyor.png Conveyor system for transporting materials man_made=goods_conveyor


Drawing Description Wiki page
City-wall-render-eg1.png City wall barrier=city_wall / historic=citywalls
Barrier fence mapnik.png Wall / Fence / Chain / Guard rail / Hand rail / Ditch barrier=retaining_wall / barrier=wall / barrier=fence / barrier=chain / barrier=guard_rail / barrier=handrail / barrier=ditch
Barrier hedge.png Hedge barrier=hedge
Rendering-man made breakwater.png Breakwater / Groyne man_made=breakwater / man_made=groyne
Rendering-waterway-weir-way.png Weir waterway=weir
Rendering-waterway-dam-way.png Dam waterway=dam


Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-natural tree row-mapnik.png Line of trees natural=tree_row
Rendering-man made cutline.png A straight line cut in a forest man_made=cutline
Natural cliff-125.png Cliff natural=cliff
Natural-arete-125.png Arete natural=arete
Natural-ridge-125.png Ridge natural=ridge
Man made embankment.png Embankment man_made=embankment


Drawing Description Wiki page
Rendering-adminlevel 2-mapnik.png National[1] boundary boundary=administrative + admin_level=2
Rendering-adminlevel 3-mapnik.png Sub-national boundary (highest level) boundary=administrative + admin_level=3
Rendering-adminlevel 4-mapnik.png Sub-national boundary (second-highest level) boundary=administrative + admin_level=4
Rendering-adminlevel 5-mapnik.png Sub-national boundary (third-highest level) boundary=administrative + admin_level=5
Rendering-adminlevel 6-mapnik.png Sub-national boundary (fourth-highest level) boundary=administrative + admin_level=6
Rendering-adminlevel 7-mapnik.png Sub-national boundary (fifth-highest or sixth-highest level) boundary=administrative + admin_level=7 / boundary=administrative + admin_level=8
Rendering-adminlevel 9-mapnik.png Sub-national boundary (seventh-highest or eighth-highest level) boundary=administrative + admin_level=9 / boundary=administrative + admin_level=10

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  1. In OpenStreetMap, countries are generally recognized as countries if they have an ISO-3166-1 code.