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Grand Cypress East Course 8th hole.jpg
The path from tee area to the green Edit or translate this description.
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The hole is represented by a way along the standard playing path from tee area to the green.

How to map

Draw a way way from the tee to the pin and add golf=hole.

You can add

  • ref=* - number of the hole
  • par=* - number of strokes normally required for this hole
  • handicap=* - difficulty ranking of a hole in a golf course from 1 to 18, used to determine the allocation of handicap shots
  • name=* - (rare) the common name of the hole, if there is one

Unless a golf hole has an actual name, use ref=*

For example, the Masters Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia, USA, not only assigns numbers to their golf holes, but specific names are assigned to each one;

Hole 1 – Tea Olive, Hole 2 – Pink Dogwood, etc.

In this case, both ref=* and name=* would be tagged on the golf hole. The tag ref=* would be used to describe hole numbers while the tag name=* would be used for the name of each hole.

If a hole does not have an actual name, ref=* is sufficient.


Example golf hole.jpg
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