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Teeing ground: area where play begins on a golf hole. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Leisure
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Area where play begins on a golf hole. Be aware there may be up to 4 tee boxes on a given hole, often with significant displacement from each other, and sometimes approaching the green from different directions. These are usually denoted by colours (most commonly blue, white and red, but may also be green, yellow, black) and names (Championship, Members, Womens).

How to map

Draw an area area around the ground and tag it with golf=tee.

Or add this tag to the starting point of the path golf=hole.

It is sufficient if ref=* is specified at golf=hole. See example.

Pitching Green

These are practice areas, usually surrounded by bunkers, where the short strokes (under 50 meters) are practiced.

You can also use golf=tee for this area.

The colour reference a tee belongs to is often mapped as tee=COLOUR, e.g. tee=gold or tee=gold;white.


Example golf hole.jpg
Link: openstreetmap.fr

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