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Provides a classification of tracks. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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Tracktype is a measure of how well-maintained a track or other minor road is, particularly regarding surface firmness. It usually applies to highway=track but is often used for non-tracks too, especially in less-developed places where many main roads are unpaved. The proposal from which this key originates may be found at Proposed features/grade1-5. The proposal was voted on, but was standardised primarily because of its widespread use.

tracktype=* is rendered on the Standard tile layer on the main OpenStreetMap site, as an elaboration on just highway=track.

surface=* refers to surface material and sometimes to material structure. It may suggest a track type sometimes, but because the same surface material/structure can exhibit various degrees of firmness, it is still advisable to add tracktype=*.

smoothness=* in addition provides a classification scheme regarding the physical usability of a way for wheeled vehicles.


See below for tag values for 'tracktype':

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
tracktype grade1 way Solid.
Usually a paved or sealed surface. See Sealed road.
Cesta od Leštiny do Lipnice nad Sázavou (2).jpg
tracktype grade2 way Solid.
Usually an unpaved track with surface of gravel. See Gravel road.
Surface grade2.jpg
tracktype grade3 way Mostly solid.
Even mixture of hard and soft materials.
Almost always an unpaved track.
Surface grade3.jpg
tracktype grade4 way Mostly soft.
Almost always an unpaved track prominently with soil/sand/grass, but with some hard or compacted materials mixed in.
Surface grade4.jpg
tracktype grade5 way Soft.
Almost always an unpaved track lacking additional materials, same surface as surrounding terrain.
Surface grade5.jpg
tracktype <no value> way If no tracktype tag is present, the track is rendered with a dot-dash line style (as shown right).
Photo not applicable

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Applied to

It is primarily used in combination with highway=track (around 96% of uses) but it is also noticeable usage on highway=service, highway=path, highway=unclassified. This tag is useful to provide info about road quality, especially for unpaved roads.