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How to fix

Use Overpass Turbo (click "Wizard"), Taginfo or the OSM search button to find store names with errors or locations of chains that have gone bankrupt.

  • When fixing names of stores, please beware that there may be other stores with the same or similar names to the ones below that are unrelated. Sometimes stores which are owned by different companies have the same or similar names in different countries, or even different parts of a country. For example, Metro AG is a large German retail chain which operates in Europe, Asia and northern Africa but there is also a supermarket chain called Metro in Canada which is unrelated.
  • If you are unsure, please add a bug report to OSM rather than editing.
  • If a chain of stores has gone bankrupt, please add a bug report (unless you have visited the location) rather than deleting stores. It is possible that a few stores in the chain are still open or that a store with the same/similar name is unrelated.
  • Please use a descriptive edit summary.

Misspelled Names

Correct Name Incorrect Name
(do not use)
Tags Notes
7-Eleven 7-11, 711 shop=convenience
ampm AMPM, AmPm shop=convenience
A&W A+W, A & W amenity=fast_food cuisine=burger
Apple Store Apple shop=electronics it might be better to use "Apple". The stores just have the Apple logo and no name on them, not sure what to use
Barclays Barclay's amenity=bank
Baskin-Robbins Baskin Robbins, Baskin Robins
Chick-fil-A Chick-Fil-A, Chic-fil-A, Chick fil A amenity=fast_food cuisine=chicken overpass turbo example
Costco CostCo shop=department_store
Days Inn Day's Inn tourism=hotel
Dillard's Dillards shop=department_store
Dunkin' Donuts Dunkin Donuts
E.Leclerc E. Leclerc No space
H&M H & M
ibis Ibis tourism=hotel should be lowercase
JCPenney JC Penney, JC Penny, JCPenny shop=department_store
Jean Coutu Jean-Coutu amenity=pharmacy
Lowe's Lowes shop=doityourself
Marriott Mariott tourism=hotel
McDonald's McDonalds amenity=fast_food cuisine=burger This is definitely true in Quebec, Canada as well. (There are some jurisdictions where alternate names are used, such as Макдо́налдс in Russia).
Moores Moore's shop=clothes (men's clothing suit, specializes in suits)
Morrisons Morrison's shop=supermarket (UK grocery chain)
NAPA Auto Parts Napa Auto Parts shop=car_parts
Nordstrom Nordstrom's
Papa John's Pizza Papa Johns, Papa John's amenity=fast_food cuisine=pizza
Sears Sear's shop=department_store unless there are things called "Sear's" that are not department stores
Starbucks Coffee Starbucks amenity=cafe in Quebec, please use "Café Starbucks Coffee"
Subway Subways amenity=fast_food
Ralphs Ralph's shop=supermarket
TD Bank TD amenity=bank USA
TD Canada Trust TD amenity=bank Canada
Tim Hortons Tim Horton's amenity=cafe
Toys "R" Us shop=toys should we use the inverse Я from Cyrillic alphabet?
Walgreens Walgreen's amenity=pharmacy
Walmart Wal-Mart, WalMart, Wal Mart, Walmart Supercenter shop=department_store Add extra POIs within the store area for shop=supermarket shop=electronics are located. Also add POI for the shops in front of the store i.e. amenity=cafe amenity=bank amenity=fast_food. See this Walmart
Walmart Neighborhood Marketplace Wal-Mart, WalMart shop=supermarket
Wendy's Wendys amenity=fast_food
  • Tim Horton's - should be "Tim Hortons". Should be amenity=cafe (many users have incorrectly tagged this amenity=fast_food or amenity=restaurant. However some users think that the first of these should be used, I tend to disagree with this because Tim Hortons is much closer to Starbucks than to Burger King).
    • US locations are "Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop". Should this lengthy name be used?

Wrong category

  • Fast food restaurants that should be amenity=fast_food not amenity=restaurant, examples include:
    • Arby's
    • A&W
    • Burger King
    • KFC
    • McDonald's
    • Subway
    • Taco Bell
    • Wendy's
    • Note: Pizza Hut can be either restaurant or fast food depending on whether it offers table service or is take out only
  • Cafes that should be amenity=cafe not amenity=fast_food, examples include:
    • Starbucks Coffee
    • Tim Hortons (controversial - some users think this should be fast_food, because it sells sandwiches etc.)

Stores with inconsistent signage

Please use the name on the sign, even if some chain stores have different locations with inconsistent names on the sign

  • KFC - some older locations use "Kentucky Fried Chicken". Also there are a very small number of locations that are "KFC FReSH" (formerly KFC Select).
  • Home Depot - might be "Home Depot" or "The Home Depot".
  • Loblaws - some locations are "Loblaws Great Food" (Yonge/York Mills location used to be "Loblaw Great Food", now is "Loblaws Great Food"). Note there are a large number of brands used for Loblaw Companies Limited stores, see [1]
  • RBC - newer locations use "RBC Royal Bank", some older locations use "RBC Financial Group".
  • The Beer Store (Ontario beer retailing monopoly) - has recently rebranded itself as "Beer Store", some signs have "The" and some do not
  • Domino's - There are locations around the world that still use the old "Domino's Pizza" sign.

Incorrect categories

  • amenity=restaurant is a sit down restaurant where food is brought to your table and where you pay after eating. amenity=fast_food is a restaurant where the food is sold at a counter and you pay immediately upon receiving the food. The food can be taken away from the premises. Only optionally there may also be tables to sit and eat it.
  • Anything tagged shop=department_store that is not a department store
  • Anything tagged landuse=retail as a node or shop=yes
  • Anything with operator=* but no name=* is probably wrong

Stores that I am not sure what category to put in

Stores that have been taken over or changed name

  • Zellers - almost all locations closed, most locations became Target. Note some locations are now vacant or have become Walmart or other stores. Note three locations are still open [2] All Target stores in Canada will close in 2015, see [3].
  • Wal-Mart or Wal*Mart - all locations are now "Walmart"
    • Also locations in Canada with grocery stores are "Walmart Supercentre" but in the US these are "Walmart Supercenter"
  • Price Chopper (Canada) - grocery store owned by Sobeys, most locations changed to "FreshCo", a few like Bathurst/Steeles in Toronto are still Price Chopper
  • Empire Theatres (Canada) - cinema, now either Landmark Theatres or Cineplex
  • Sunoco (Canada) - gas station, locations in Canada have mostly changed to either Petro-Canada or Husky (Suncor Energy acquired Petro-Canada in 2009). Sunoco locations outside Canada still exist
  • Mark's Work Wearhouse (clothing store, now owned by Canadian Tire) -> Mark's
  • IGA (Canadian grocery stores chain now owned by Sobeys) - Most (all?) locations outside Quebec have changed to a different brand, usually Foodland. Locations in Quebec are still called IGA. Note: "Marketplace IGA" locations in British Columbia are unrelated and not owned by Sobeys. IGA locations in the United States are unrelated and still open.
  • Rogers Video - Rogers no longer operates video stores, but most locations have become Rogers retail outlets selling Rogers telecom services.
  • Etap Hotel and Formule 1 (Accor hotels) - now "ibis budget" (all lowercase)
  • Domino's Pizza - now Domino's (at least in USA) - see mailing list [4]
  • Mac's (convenience stores) - will become Circle K in a few years
  • Hess (gas station) existing locations being rebranded as Speedway

Stores going bankrupt soon

  • Target - closed all stores in 2015. [5], see Target
  • Jacob - closing all stores or will close all soon. [6] Website still exists, not sure all stores closed yet. [7] Reopening 5 stores in Quebec [8]
  • XS Cargo (Canada) - all stores closed in 2014.
  • Bowring, Benix and Bombay & Co. (Canada)
  • The Cash Store (payday loan store - Canada) - likely to close soon [9]
  • Smart Set (Reitmans) - closing all locations soon, some will be changed to other Reitmans brands
  • Mexx (Canada)
  • Sony - closing all Canadian stores in 2015
  • Bikini Village - in bankruptcy protection, might close stores [10]
  • Parasuco - closing 7 stores in Canada - [11]
  • Everest College - closing all 14 locations in Ontario
  • TigerDirect - closing all locations in Canada and all but 4 locations in USA [12]

Stores that have gone bankrupt

(Please verify that there aren't still a few locations open before deleting)

  • Future Shop - closing all stores in Canada, some will become Best Buy [13]
    • All locations permanently closed March 28, 2015
    • See wiki page at Future Shop
  • Blockbuster (video store)
  • Public Mobile (Canadian wireless carrier, taken over by Telus and shut down)
  • Sports Authority [14]

Stores closing some locations

  • Holt Renfrew - Ottawa and Quebec City locations closing soon
  • Jones New York closing 127 stores [15]
  • Ricki's, Bootlegger, Cleo - closing some stores [16]
  • Gap - closing 175 stores
  • Laura, Melanie Lyne - closing stores, may go bankrupt soon
  • Walmart [17]
  • Macy's [18][19]

Stores that have closed many locations recently

See [20]

  • RadioShack - in bankruptcy protection, many but not all locations will close
  • American Apparel
  • Sears - many locations closed especially in Canada
  • Indigo (Canada) - bookstore, many locations closed
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
    • Office Depot and OfficeMax merged 2013; proposed merger between Staples and Office Depot in 2015. Will result in many store closures/layoffs.
  • La Senza
  • HMV (record store)
  • Family Dollar
  • Dots
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Aeropostale
  • Barnes & Noble (bookstore)
  • Sbarr

Lists of chain stores


  • Bell (telecom company Canada) - a new user added a large number of locations, some of which are incorrect

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