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This is an initiative from MaptimeBogota, which aims to close all notes that have been opened for several years in Colombia.


The notes mechanism will be an interaction way between the map users (who do not map) and the mappers community. By having a lower rate of open notes, which will correspond to the more recenttly opened ones, the users will perceive that their observations are corrected in a well timely manner. In this way, the users will be interested in provide more things, keeping the map up to date.


The opened notes in Colombia reached a maximun peak of more that 6000 ones by the end of 2020 year, many of them opened for serveral years. The MaptimeBogota group decided to process the notes of bogota, to make it become the first city in Colombia without opened notes.

In parallel, the group started to process the oldest and newest notes, thanks to the Neis Pascal page: This page shows the list of opened nodes, sort by date.

Also, notes have been used in Colombia for the Microsoft OpenMaps project to identify non mapped roads, and they have closed them themselves.

Resolution message

Depending of the content of the note, two possible actions can be done.


The notes that do have enough information, and explain the observation in a clear way, can be closed with a message like: "Mapped", or another similar content, that shows an interaction between the person who opened, showing that the information from the note was transfered to the map.

After the customized message, you can put a generic message like:

Thank you for contributing in OpenStreetMap-OSM. Please visit for more information.

Lack of information or invalid

For those notes that are invalid (for the following reasons), and they just have to be closed:

  • Are note clear enough (personal opinion, data about personal location, text that is not a map observation).
  • Refer to a device problem instead of an issue on the map.
  • Are partial explanaitions of the issue (the name change its name - But, what is the new one?).

The following text can be included:

Thank you for contributing in OpenStreetMap-OSM; however, your note is not clear enough to make a change in the map. We invite you to visit for more information.

The previous message followed with the hashtags of the projects or organizations to whom we are mapping.

With the previous information, we can guide the user to better describe the notes, in order to be processed to modify something in the map. At the same time, we can foster that they become members of the mappers community.