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Currently, my main interest in OSM is to map the public systems transportation in Colombia, starting with Bogotá, my born city.

I have collected many bus stops of the SITP in Bogota, and several routes of this transport system. I have created a project based of this freedom, which aims to provide a free map for Bogota citizens. It is called BogoMap.

I have started the local chapter of Maptime in Bogota. I have already done some mapping parties by convoking people with MeetUp and Maptime. These mapping parties have helped us to improve the Colombian part of this wiki, by adjusting the documentation and by creating new sections of topics not discussed or explained before.

Also, I have many concerns about the addressing in Colombia which has not been correctly designed for our country.

My participation in OSM is not only related to mapping, but also documenting in the Wiki, creating presets for JOSM for the Bogota transport and other things.

You can reach me in Twitter at @angoca

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